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Earth Runners: The Best Shoes on Earth Just Got Better

Posted on June 23, 2016 by Barefoot Provisions

Earth Runners: The Best Shoes on Earth Just Got Better

It was a progression. I used to wear high heels a lot, and my feet would ache. I moved to lower heels, clunky clogs, thick-soled trail runners. My feel felt better and better, and I felt lighter and lighter, but there was still something missing. I sought out the bendiest thinnest shoes I could, and then Born To Run hit in 2009, and everything changed.

All of a sudden there were actual companies out there making minimalist shoes — Luna, VivoBarefoot, Vibram. I tried them all, but once I tried Earth Runners, my search was complete. And when they came out with their new nylon strap materials, I was so smitten that I could barely believe that a shoe this comfortable existed. Yeah, I love love love my leather-strapped Earth Runners, but the new nylon straps take softness and comfort to a whole new level. I've got sensitive skin, so I'm very attuned to the feel of straps, seams, and the texture of textiles. And I can confidently say that these shoes are the closest that I've ever gotten to wearing nothing at all on my feet. (Yeah, I aspire to total barefootness, but am still a wuss when it comes to sharp rocks.)

I run in these, I walk in these.

 I leap and jump. I hike in rough steep rocky places. I get them wet and filthy. I wear them in front of "normal" people, and have been told spontaneously on multiple occasions that they "look cute." I even wore these on the stage when I spoke at Paleo f(x) a few months ago, and got so many questions afterwards about where to get them! 

Yeah, these are really the only shoes you're gonna need, unless it's super-cold — but their season can actually be extended well into wintertime with these stylin' toe socks

There's a ton of evidence for the biomechanical superiority of minimalist footwear, but these shoes go even further — they're grounded! Yep, Earth Runners are not only the most comfortable minimalist shoes ever, but the soles have small metal inserts that connect you with the ground (yeah, avoid stepping on electric fences). The science on earthing is still young, but preliminary studies show potential health benefits, so I'll happily give a ride to some tiny copper discs, while the science matures. Pro tip: run upon wet earth, and the little discs will shiver your feet with a cool thrill.

Yeah, you need these shoes.

So head over to the Earth Runner  headquarters, and nab a pair. Tell 'em Barefoot Provisions sent you by using the coupon code BP10 for a sweet 10% discount. Your feet (and your entire mind/body) will thank you.

Posted on June 23, 2016 by Barefoot Provisions

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