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Whole30 Thai Veggie Noodles with No-Peanut Sauce

Posted on July 11, 2017 by Barefoot Provisions

Whole30 Thai Noodles with No-Peanut Sauce

This Whole30 friendly dish is a no fuss, no frills, delicious side you can whip up in about 10 minutes flat. 

What makes this so easy yet still full of complex flavor is the use of Yai's cooking sauces which help bring exotic flavors into the kitchen without making us drive to a thousand stores for ingredients and fancy condiments. Their Almond Sauce is a perfect accompianment to raw veggies, topping burgers (Thai fusion!) or in a hot dish like this.

This is a play on the classic Thai Noodles with Peanut Sauce, while delicious, not at all Whole30, or paleo compliant. So let's whip up something we CAN indulge in. 

Here's how to make it

You'll need

2 Tbsp Yai's Almond Sauce found here

1 Tbsp coconut aminos

1 sweet potato, spirazlized

ghee for cooking

cilantro, green onion, and cashew for topping (optional)

Start by warming your ghee in a skillet, then tossing in potato spirals. Cook until softened, sprinkling with salt to taste. 

In a small dish, combine Almond Sauce with aminos, and a pinch of salt. 

Plate the warm noodles, then drizzle with sauce, top with chopped green onion, cilantro, and cashews. You can top this with your favorite protein, like a ginger chicken, or garlic steak to make it a complete meal. 

Posted on July 11, 2017 by Barefoot Provisions

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Low Sugar Paleo Smoothies: 3 Veggie Smoothie Bases

Posted on April 03, 2017 by Barefoot Provisions

Low Sugar Paleo Smoothies: 3 Veggie Smoothie Bases

What makes a good smoothie? Bon Appetit says all of this, Mind Body Green says these pairings of nutrients, but ask my 18 year old self and it was pretty much a crapload of super sweet fruit + super sweet fruit juice + added sugar. As I've gotten older (and maybe a tiny bit wiser) I've realized that these sugar bombs weren't doing me any favors. I've gotten better about loading my smoothies up with nut milk, some ice, protein, good fats (coconut!) superfoods like maca, cacao, coconut, and the likes, but no matter how much I've grown in my smoothie making skills, I still struggle with finding a base that makes a thick and creamy smoothie without using a frozen banana (which adds to the overall sugar content.)

If you're browsing the gram' (Instagram for you non-grammers) you'll quickly learn that herbs, plants, mushrooms, and all kinds of superfoods are SUPER in right now. My feed is filled with overflowing smoothies, all filled with lots of natural goodness (no more Orange Julius!) Blue majik (the blue algae that gives smoothies a neon blue tint,) ashwaganda, matcha, spirulina, maca — they're all trending, but also trending is the use of veggies as a smoothie base. Color me and my banana smoothie base self baffled! Cauliflower, zucchini, summer squash — people are drinking these big ol' concoctions chock full of em. Being the skeptic that I am, I've decided to dive into the world of veggie smoothie bases and report back on them so you don't have to! 

I'm going to do the same base amounts for each veggie, add my almond milk, then try each for consistency. I'll create three separate smoothies and rate each veggie on how it tastes in the final product. 

Here's how to make them:

You'll need:

  • 1-2 Cup frozen diced veggies
  • 1-2 Cup almond or coconut milk
  • 1 tsp - 1 Tbsp coconut oil, melted
  • then your add-ins of choice - protein powders, collagen, dried fruits, nuts, mushrooms, honey or stevia if needed (I used moringa and matcha) golden paste, blueberries, and beet powder for my smoothies with a little sweetener since the base was unsweetened.)

1. Wash veggies clean (unless you're buying already diced and frozen)

2. Slice, dice, and throw into a storage container or Ziploc bag and freeze solid overnight.

3. Add 1 cup of frozen pieces to blender with 1 cup almond milk. Blend until smooth.

4. Add 1 tsp - 1 tbsp melted coconut oil for a good source of fat or use coconut milk in place of almond milk for a higher fat smoothie. 

5. Add protein, fruit, superfoods, or add-ins of choice.

Veggie Base 1: Cauliflower

Pros: Low in carbs (1/6 of a head has about 5g carbs,) low in natural sugar (2g per 1/6th of a head,) low calorie (if you're concerned, about 25 calories per 1/6th head,) anti-inflammatory, contains vitamins and minerals, is a possible cancer fighter, good source of a B vitamin choline (for brain health,) digestive and detoxification support, and full of antioxidants.

Cost: 12 oz bag of riced cauliflower (organic) runs about $2

 This tasted like cauliflower a bit before I added more ingredients. I added 1 tbsp of golden milk paste + green superfood plus sweetener and it helped take that away. The texture was a little chunky and I had to use a little more liquid in this one. It was super thick and creamy though, so I think with the right ingredients, it totally works.

8/10 would try again.


Veggie Base 2: Zucchini

Pros: 1.5 cups contains just 5g carbs, 3g sugar, and 33 calories, great source of antioxidants including over 50% of your daily vitamin C, anti-inflammatory, helps with digestion, high in potassium, and more. 

Cost: about $3 for 1.5 lbs of organic zucchini

This has NO veggie taste. The base was so plain when mixed with plain almond milk it tasted like nothing. I added tons of berries, some beet powder, some almond butter and it made it super creamy and delish. I also sweetened it a bit, which I was cool with since the base was SO low in sugar. It was a little icy at first but once I blended well with the other ingredients, it was perfect.

10/10 would do again. 


Veggie Base 3: Yellow Squash

Pros: 1 cup has just 36 calories, 3.8g carbs, chock full of vitamin C! 

Cost: $2-3 per pound (organic wasn't available at time of purchase)

Tasted like the zucchini one for sure, maybe a little more naturally sweet. Would totally do again. 10/10. I mixed in some matcha powder and maple to finish this one. 



There you have it. Totally works, no fooling over here. This is a great way to get vitamins and veggies in and lighten up the sugar load on your next smoothie. Have you tried this before? Which was your favorite?


"8 Amazing Health Benefits of Cauliflower" Mercola, 26 May. 2017,

"Zucchini Nutrition — Low in Calories & Loaded with Anti-Inflammatory Properties" Dr. Axe, 26 May. 2017, 

 "The Nutritional Value of Yellow Squash" LIVESTRONG, 26 May. 2017,


Posted on April 03, 2017 by Barefoot Provisions

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Whole30 Creamy Kale Salad

Posted on February 01, 2017 by Barefoot Provisions

Whole30 Creamy Kale Salad

A creamy kale salad is literally what my dreams are made of. I feel awesome eating a ton of kale, and the creamy dressing always makes it taste AMAZING. 

Over the last year or two, I've made a gazillion dressing/sauce recipes using tahini and nut butter for yummy salads (some of my favorites include Minimalist Bakers and Melissa Joulwan's) but this one I'm sharing is one I've been eating constantly this round and just love it. 

Here's how to make it

You'll need (serves 1 large salad)

1 Tbsp Sesame Seed Butter/Tahini

1 Tbsp coconut aminos

1-2 Tbsp coconut milk, almond milk, or preferred milk to thin

Combine ingredients in a small ramekin. 

Massage kale with a little lemon juice and let sit until softened a bit. Pour dressing on, mix well, then top with your favorite salad fixings. We really love our CB's Umami Pumpkin Seeds on a kale salad. Grab some here

Posted on February 01, 2017 by Barefoot Provisions

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Whole30 Spicy Chicken Ranch Zoodles

Posted on January 12, 2017 by Barefoot Provisions

Whole30 Spicy Chicken Ranch Zoodles

Can we all just agree that zucchini/veggie noodles might be the best invention since the cell phone? I mean, I don't even miss pasta, and quite frankly I think these things don't even compare - veggies have a nice crunch, or soft chew that pasta just doesn't have, plus isn't it amazing to leave the table not feeling so full you can't breathe?! #zoodles for the win!

My favorite way to prepare zoodles is outlined here on Melissa Joulwan's blog. 

With a bottle of Yai's Chili Garlic Sauce, ghee, and Primal Kitchen Ranch in hand, I set out to create a "buffalo chicken pasta" of sorts. All Whole30, all delish. 

Here's how to make it

You'll need (click to find ingredients below)

1 chicken breast

1-2 zucchini worth of zoodles (see link above to make them)

1-2 Tbsp ghee

1-2 tsp Chili Garlic Sauce by Yai's Thai (Whole30 Approved!)

1-2 Tbsp Primal Kitchen Ranch (Whole30 Approved!)

Start by preparing raw zoodles. Pat dry and plate (I like them uncooked in this recipe- they balance the hot chicken well!)

Chop chicken into bite size pieces and sprinkle with garlic, salt, or favorite seasoning blend.

Melt ghee in a skillet, then add chicken, carefully, when hot. Cook on medium until chicken is cooked through. 

Carefully add the chili sauce (I did too much too fast and actually had a pan fire, so slow your roll on this part) and coat chicken with ghee/chili sauce. 

Drizzle ranch over noodles while chicken is finishing then top. 



Posted on January 12, 2017 by Barefoot Provisions

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Whole30 Everything But the Kitchen Sink Salad

Posted on December 20, 2016 by Barefoot Provisions

Whole30 Everything But the Kitchen Sink Salad

Remember those delicious broccoli salads you had at picnics and get togethers? It was super creamy, had some crunch, and a little sweetness. I loved it and still do. If you're in Austin at any point, head to Picnik and try their version of the classic. 

I took the same idea but added some more ingredients to it, enough that a serving could absolutely work as a full meal! It's full of healthy fats, protein, and TONS of veggies. Plus the creamy Whole30 Approved dressing is the perfect way to season it up. 

Here's how to make it

You'll need: (click to find the ingredients)

12 oz chopped broccoli (one head should work!)

4 sliced bacon, chopped

2 hard boiled eggs, chopped

1 Cup grapes, halved

2 Cups carrots, shredded or chopped

1 Cup celery, chopped

1/4-1/2 Cup red onion, diced fine

1/4 Cup Primal Kitchen Ranch

1/4 Cup Primal Kitchen Mayo

Salt and pepper to taste

*makes 8 cups

Combine all ingredients in a large bowl. Use for topping greens or filling lettuce cups. 

Posted on December 20, 2016 by Barefoot Provisions

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Paleo Tempura Avocado

Posted on February 06, 2016 by Barefoot Provisions

Today at Whole Foods I was THRILLED to find they have updated the selections at the hot bar- we now have paleo friendly options at Whole Foods ATX! I was also thrilled to find the biggest, most ripe, juicy, neon green avocados for $1. I got one and was thinking about this taco I love to order at Torchy's Tacos. Their vegetarian, fried avocado taco is literally EVERYTHING. I have no known food allergies or even sensitivities, so I indulge in it frequently, but I DO try to keep my diet pretty much paleo, so I was thrilled to discover I can make this delicious little diddy at home. (Also, I'm OBSESSED with avocado — I "hated" it for years, until I actually tried it and now I could live on them. I even have an avocado tattoo with my hubs ;)


I looked online and saw some amazing baking avocados but none of them were exactly what I was going for. I wanted a tempura like crust, soft, ripe avocado bursting after you but through the crust, a little tiny bit of golden crisp to the outside — then it hit me, Otto's Cassava Flour. I've fried a million things with it so I pulled out a bag and got to frying.

First I sliced my avocado in half vertically, removed the seed/nut, then sliced each half into about 5-6 slices, and finally spoon scooped them out. 

In a small bowl, I whisked an egg, but go for 2 if you're doing a large avocado. 

In another small bowl, fill with half cup of cassava flour. I added a little paprika, Real Salt, pepper, and a dash of garlic powder to this bowl and mixed.

On the stove top, I melted a couple of tablespoons of ghee and let it get HOT. While it was warming up, I dropped each piece of the avocado into the egg to coat, then placed  that into the cassava flour to batter. I lightly fried in the ghee flipping after a minute or so, and setting on a piece of parchment paper to cool. After cool enough to touch, I covered them in another layer of egg, cassava flour, then fried again, turning up the heat a bit this time to get them a little more brown. I sprinkled with a little more Real Salt before finishing.

While your avocado is cooling, mix some Sriracha, Cholula, or other sugar free hot sauce with some paleo mayo, and stir well to create a dipping sauce. You can eat these like fries, on a tortilla, topping a salad, it's really up to you!

These will make a PERFECT Super Bowl snack for tomorrow (since I only do football for the food!) You have to move fast making these so I suggest starting with half a batch at first so you don't burn them, or yourself in the process.


Posted on February 06, 2016 by Barefoot Provisions

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Sweet Squash Puree

Posted on February 02, 2016 by Barefoot Provisions

Guys. This sauce is life changing. I was messing around in my kitchen this weekend and somehow a bunch of my leftovers ended up  helping me create one of the tastiest, Whole30 compliant, sauces/purees I've ever tried! 

I was roasting a butternut squash. Typically, when I make butternut squash, I cut off the long end, leaving the "bulb" end to get hacked up as best I can.

See my awesome sketch:

Next I cut the bulb end in half, scooped out the seeds, and threw it in my Instant Pot for 7 minutes with a cup of water to cook. You could roast it instead, until soft.

Next scoop out the squash leaving the skin, about 1 cup into a food processor or high powered blender.

I had used a can of coconut milk for a recipe the day before and had a little leftover. I added 1/2 cup of the coconut milk to the 1 cup of squash into the mixer, then a fat pinch of Real Salt, and a spoonful of ghee. (Optional: add your favorite Whole30 compliant or paleo spice blend for more flavor.)

Blend together and you have magic. The coconut and squash meddle together to create this subtle sweet yet savory flavor that will be amazing for enjoying with veggies, proteins and much more. 

Posted on February 02, 2016 by Barefoot Provisions

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