Introducing Lucky Sheep: The Best Sleeping Bag in the World

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You eat organic veggies and grass-fed meat. You wear minimalist shoes. You seek out natural fiber clothing that's not made in sweatshops. You support local businesses. You avoid plastic. You avoid toxic products. You (mostly) always remember your reusable bags at the grocery store. You drive an eco-friendly vehicle, or aspire to. You are fascinated by compost. 


If none of the above describes you, I'm not sure exactly how you got here. But if you're nodding along, then I am so thrilled to introduce you to a game-changing new product. Introducing Lucky Sheep, the best sleeping bag in the world.

Yes, this is a strong claim. But I stand behind my word. Lucky Sheep inventor Patrick Clark has long been on the forefront of primal furniture design ('modern' chairs, tables and beds are responsible for our epidemic of back and neck pain), and he has been fine-tuning this sleeping bag for years, in his quest to achieve the ultimate in minimalist sleep (more on minimalist sleeping later on). The result is this sublimely comfortable and functional bag, which has changed my sleeping life forever, and will change yours as well. It's so much more than just a sleeping bag, and you're going to want to use it every night, not just for camping or occasional star-gazing. It's an integral part of a minimalist sleeping setup. What's so awesome about Lucky Sheep? Read on, for a detailed review:

It's all about the wool. We're in the midst of an outdoor gear revolution, and wool is being rediscovered as the original performance fabric. Wool manages moisture like no other material, wicking perspiration away from our skin all night long, and repelling dew and mist naturally. It's hydrophobic by nature, so you will stay warm and dry. Finally, a sleeping bag that breathes, and even allows you to sleep without a tent, directly under the stars, without waking up wet. Lucky Sheep bags are filled with puffy eco-wool and lined with merino wool that feels like silk. You'll never want to sleep in a synthetic bag again.

These bags are ridiculously soft and puffy and luxuriously cozy. Being inside one is like snuggling with a dozen lambs all night long. If you're the sort of person who's sensitive to the texture of your clothing and loves highest-quality natural fibers, you'll be in complete bliss when you crawl inside this bag. I've honestly never slept against something this sensually wonderful, and I'm a highly sensitive hedonist with a longstanding textile obsession. The fluffy eco-wool filling merges with the ultra-silky merino lining to create a uniquely nurturing texture, like being enveloped by merengue. This will probably become your new security blanket.

Innovative design. Patrick Clark has been fine-tuning the design of these for years, and it shows in every detail. Unlike so many sleeping bags, you are not entrapped by this one. There's a zipping footbox, and the rest of it folds beneath you effortlessly with soft flaps that reduce the weight of the bag. No more mummy-like immobilization or heating up too much — you can move around and shift and adjust everything to your liking. You can even unzip it completely flat and use it like a blanket (trust me, you'll want to.) There are a bunch of other cool design features to this bag, which you can discover on the Lucky Sheep website. Suffice it to say that Patrick has thought of everything, including things you would never have thought of. This bag is truly bleating-edge.

Better sleep. You will wake up feeling more refreshed that you ever would in your old synthetic bag. Wool's amazing properties are highly conducive to getting more of the deep and REM sleep we so desperately need. I've actually tested this empirically using my sleep-monitoring Oura Ring, it's incredible to see the difference between using this bag and synthetic bags, or even a down-and-cotton quilt.

Everything done right. Clean highest-quality ethically-sourced materials, impeccably handmade under ethical conditions in the US, small independent business, beautiful colors (soft blue-grey and stone), gracefully lightweight, naturally anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic. And oh yes, it will last a lifetime, and wool actually gets stronger with age.

Minimalist sleeping made easy. This bag makes sleeping on the floor and/or outside a joy. You know how minimalist shoes became all the rage a few years ago, as public awareness and product design caught up with the best science? All of a sudden people started to wake up and realize that shoe designers had been doing it all wrong — they were actually hurting people with all that foam, stifling rigidity, un-ergonomic heel drops, and way-too-narrow toe boxes. The best shoe? As close as possible to no shoe at all, the way our foot evolved for millions of years. Public awareness isn't there yet with beds, but you'll be hearing about minimalist sleeping a lot in years to come, as people realize its myriad benefits and throw their toxic plush foam-swollen mattresses into the landfills. How does minimalist sleeping work? Imagine your distant ancestors. Get rid of your bed. Sleep on a firm pad on the floor. Try to sleep outside on the ground as much as possible (it's okay to use a pad). Swaddle yourself with something cozy and breathable — ideally a Lucky Sheep bag. You'll need to get used to sleeping on a firm surface, but I can assure you that I get my best sleep on the floor or the ground at this point, and my Oura Ring concurs. Now that I've got a Lucky Sheep sleeping bag, I don't have to sleep in a synthetic bag anymore when I'm outside, and my sleep quality is better than ever. And when I sleep inside on the floor, the Lucky Sheep bag is perfect for that as well. It's so cozy, it makes minimalist sleeping feel like a complete luxury. Goodbye plush mattresses and cumbersome box springs! A Lucky Sheep bag and a foam pad on the floor, and you'll get a perfect night of sleep.

Special discount for Barefoot Provisions customers. If you've read this far, you're probably ready to donate your synthetic sleeping bag to a homeless shelter and start using a Lucky Sheep bag. This bag is made of highest-quality materials and will last a lifetime, but we know it's not inexpensive, so we're here to make it easier for you. In the spirit of barefoot sleeping, we're offering our customers a 10% discount on a Lucky Sheep bag! Just order here and use code bare10.

Happy sheeping! 






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