The Ultimate Whole30 Emergency Snack List

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The Ultimate Whole30 Snack List


We love the rigor of the Whole30 approach, and the psychological shifts that happen when you eliminate the paleo-fied “treats” and get back to basics. We at Barefoot Provisions believe in moderation — which includes the occasional paleo brownie — but we completely embrace the Whole30 approach, which allows us to get to that place of true moderation and food freedom by breaking ourselves of bad habits, addictions, and cravings.

If you're familiar with the Whole 30 rules, you'll quickly catch that "No Snacking," is one of their top recommendations . We fully support a super balanced meal template which should help with the need for snacking, but also realize that pre or post workout, or " Sometimes, for no apparent reason, you just need a little something to get you through, and that’s okay too.  The success of your Whole30 likely isn’t riding on whether or not you have a mini-meal a few afternoons." ( via, Whole30.) 

To make sure that those emergency snacks are super compliant, and aligned with your Whole30 goals, we've curated an entire collection of Whole30 foods that you can enjoy, worry free, as a quick snack or mini meal, whether at home, or on the go. These are staples for us while traveling, keeping in our bag during a long work day, or just having on hand in case hunger strikes. If Whole 30 has taught us anything, it's to always be prepared with a Whole30 option!

Protein Snacks

Protein is so very crucial during a Whole 30, (and when not doing a Whole30!) Protein is the building block to all your muscles and tissue, and is used in creating chemicals in your body that make all your blood, hair, skin, nails, and the other super important stuff! Being a macronutrient means your body needs a pretty good amount of it, and while you will get lots of it from veggies, meat products tend to be our go-to source for the amount of protein our body likes (especially on a Whole30, since legumes and most protein powders are a no go!) Protein will also keep you full for longer than a junk filled snack might. Protein is also suggested in part of a pre and post workout meal template according to the Whole30 template.  These are some of our favorite protein snacks for a Whole30. 

to name a few. We've got dozens more where those came from in the Whole30 Collection. Our Whole30 Meaty Kit. Mega Kit, or Classic Kit are also great places to start! 


Good Fat Snacks

 Besides being totally delicious, fats also help keep you full for longer, and is also suggested in your pre workout meal in the Whole30 template. Fats provide energy to your body, helps you absorb vitamins, and all kinds of other good stuff (like brain nourishing!) Ghee, lard, tallow, coconut oil, all of the Whole30 fats you'll find in our Phat Packs are great for cooking but sometimes you need some fats on the go!


Our favorite way to add good fats on the go or in our Whole30 snacks are:


Fruit and Veggie Snacks 

 Last but not least, fruit and veggie snacks! We like to get most of vitamin and nutrient rich fruits and veggies in their full fresh form at our meal times, but on the go, this list makes it easy to get some of the goodness these offer:


There you have it! These are just a few of the Whole30 snacks we like to keep on hand to ensure success. Head over to the Whole30 Collection to get some more ideas and find favorites of your own. 

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