Whole30 Umami Brussels Sprouts

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An easy, no-fuss veggie delight. 

Do you need another easy side dish for your Whole30? These umami brussels sprouts are a cinch to make and take only a couple of your favorite Whole30 pantry items.

Here's how to make them:

First, clean your brussels. I sometimes use frozen ones as I find I can save money this way. 

Next heat your favorite good fat in a skillet, preferably cast iron until very hot, about a tablespoon or two.

Pour in sprouts, carefully and let simmer in the oil. Sprinkle with some dried ginger powder, garlic, and some Spice Cave Land, Sea, or Wind blend.

Next, pour in a dash of Red Boat Fish Sauce, then a few dashes of coconut aminos. 

Let everything simmer and cook together, stirring regularly to make sure nothing is sticking or burring. You can turn heat down and adjust as needed.

Finally, before serving, throw in some almond slivers and toss everything together to coat.


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