Whole30 Eggplant Curry Stack

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Whole30 Eggplant Curry Stack

Sometimes, creating a whole new dish is just rearranging things in a way you might not have thought about eating them. Ever see a "deconstructed" dish on a menu? Kind of like that, except not as fancy, or pretentious. In our home, we like to rearrange dishes a lot (not I don't mean our plates and bowls.) This particular dish is something I created when we did just that. 

We've long enjoyed a good Thai curry (Austin has some great local spots that we frequent pretty often) but I love being able to create an awesome curry bowl at home thanks to Yai's Thai and their new curry sauces. They're all clean, Whole30 Approved and full of that Thai flavor I can't get enough of. 

For this dish, rather than putting all my veggies in a bowl, then pouring in a river of tasty curry, I "reconstructed" it to create a stack that was as fun to put together and plate as it was delicious. 

Here's how to make it

You'll need

1/2 lb grass fed ground beef, or ground pastured/grass fed protein of choice

1 large carrot

1/2 onion

1 large eggplant, cut into 1/2 inch "rounds"

1/2 Cup Yai's Curry of choice


oil or ghee of choice


Preheat your oven to 400. Slice the eggplant into rounds, coat with oil of choice, than bake for about 30-40 minutes total on a greased baking sheet, flipping halfway through.

Next, start cooking the meat in a skillet, sprinkling with salt and pepper and chopping into a crumble.  

While meat is cooking, add a carrot and the onion to a food processor and chop. I like medium sized pieces here, think the size of a pea or so. Add these to the meat skillet, or a new skillet and cook until softened.

Finally, heat the curry in a small pan or microwave safe bowl. 

To plate, take one round of eggplant, top with a scoop of the meat/carrot/onion mixture, add another eggplant round, another scoop, and continue to stack. Finish by pouring the curry sauce over the stack, then top with some fresh cilantro or green onion for garnish. 


There you have it, a reconstructed eggplant curry bowl. All Whole30 Approved, clean ingredients, and easy for even the most novice home cook. Hope you enjoy! 


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