Whole30 Taco Chicken (Two Ingredient Recipe!)

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Whole30 Taco Chicken (Two Ingredient Recipe)

Whole30 Taco Chicken

If you're looking for an easy Whole30 protein, our Whole30 Taco Chicken takes less than 30 minutes, goes well with a variety of other dishes, and will make your weekly Whole30 meal prep THAT much easier. 


Tacos are a way of life here in Austin, Texas. We eat them for lunch, dinner, and especially for breakfast (if you've never tried a breakfast taco, this is your sign.) We celebrate these handheld delicacies at least weekly in some form or another and coming up with new fillings would actually be considered a hobby for me at this point.

When I'm on a Whole30 I still like to enjoy tacos, sans shells as the taco is essentially a device for transportation of ingredients to my mouth. One of my favorites is jicama slices in place of tortillas or lettuce boats. My filling of choice? This new Whole30 Taco Chicken...

Whole30 Taco Chicken

Filling your tacos

I'm not going to lie, my Instant Pot has become one of the most useful gadgets in my kitchen but I'm also wary of using it without a recipe. It's like I worry that it doesn't have the margin for error that a crock pot does because with a crock pot there's like 6 hours in which to modify. Slight fears and hesitations aside, I looked up the typical ratio of water/meat + cooking time for other recipes and came up with a delicious way to prepare the tastiest shredded chicken in a flavorful, bold, tangy, and Whole30 taco filling. If you don't have an IP, you could use a slow cooker, probably 4-6 hours. 

The secret ingredient in this Whole 30 recipe is our Mesa de Vida cooking sauce, whole food based sauce that we're using in so many of our dishes lately. If you don't have this, you could substitute tomato sauce and your own spices, but the beauty of this sauce is the flavor profile is perfection, without any work on our end (no measuring a thousand different spices = timesaver.) 

Whole30 Taco Chicken

Here's how to make it

You'll need

1 jar of Mesa de Vida Smoky Latin Cooking Sauce

2 lb boneless, skinless chicken thighs


Start by dumping chicken and the entire jar of sauce into the Instant Pot and stir well. Add a pinch of salt if desired.

Set the manual timer for high, 16 minutes. 

Release valve when time is up and remove the lid. Take two forks and begin to pull the chicken apart.

Hit the sautee function and bring the sauce to a boil. This will reduce the sauce, cooking out most of the liquid.

After the liquid has thickened, turn off the saute function, then pull the chicken before serving, shredding more if desired. 


This taco truck worthy Whole30 Taco Chicken takes less than about 30 minutes and can be repurposed throughout the week for other dishes. It's great for casseroles, topping your eggs, or mixing into a veggie and potato hash. Click here to learn more about these sauces and try them yourself. 

Whole30 Taco Chicken

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