Grain-Free Protein Cookie Vanilla Blueberry (6-pack) by Paleo Prime
Grain-Free Protein Cookie Vanilla Blueberry (6-pack) by Paleo Prime

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Grain-Free Protein Cookie Vanilla Blueberry (6-pack) by Paleo Prime

A delicious healthy Paleo snack in the form of a cookie. Each cookie delivers balanced nutrition from premium, plant-based ingredients and is designed to keep you fed and fueled.

Premium Ingredients: 1st ingredient is almonds (each cookie contains 18), juice-dried blueberries, high quality honey and coconut oil. No Fillers! 5 grams of protein, 220 calories and only 15 grams sugar (from honey). Free from Grains, dairy, soy, egg and 100% Paleo.

Paleo and Grain-free

The Paleo Diet is based on the idea that our hunter-gatherer ancestors were genetically well adapted to the foods that they could find in nature.  They may have lived short lives due to many dangers but evidence shows that they were generally very physically healthy.  The introduction of agriculture and technology have allowed humans access to many more types of foods like grains and processed sugars. We may not be genetically adapted to digest much of whats in our current food supply (especially processed foods) without adverse health effects.  

Today's Paleo Diet is a modern adaptation of what our ancestors ate. Here are the basics of what you should eat on the Paleo diet:  variety of wild and pastured meats, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds.  The foods to avoid: grains, legumes, most dairy, soy and processed sugars. Many people today have adapted Paleo to fit their specific lifestyle or strive to eat healthier but aren't always perfect.  Reducing the amount of grains in our diets is a good habit for everyone.


Here at Paleo Prime, we get your quest to conquer challenges-- from your morning routine to your workout to your work. Paleo Prime makes the highest quality, most delicious grain-free snacks that don't just fuel, but keep you FED. Our founder, Casey, discovered how much richer life could be when eating a Paleo(ish) diet and has since been on a MISSION to make eating clean easier and more delicious.

Paleo Prime

The Why 

The inspiration to make grain-free cookies came from my discovery that a Paleo-like diet is not only great for staying lean and athletic performance, it allows the body-mind connection to work properly.  My aha! moment was the first time I experienced the extended, elevated happiness coming from only a change in diet. I realized that high quality food is essential to both physical health and overall well being. I HAD to share my experience and skills with others in the best way I know how: by providing enjoyable, nutritious snacks without grains and processed ingredients. I hope you discover something similar and make us part of your journey.