Double Dark Chocolate Honey Patties by Heavenly Organics
Double Dark Chocolate Honey Patties by Heavenly Organics

Heavenly Organics

Double Dark Chocolate Honey Patties by Heavenly Organics

To avoid increased shipping prices, we do not insulate packages containing chocolate. We do not offer refunds on chocolate that has been misshapen due to heat in transit, and promise it will still taste delicious!

There are two things in the world that are not technically "paleo" but are embraced by many of us, simply because they make for happiness without fail: cacao and honey. Find the best of both in Double Dark Chocolate Honey Patties with just two ingredients: raw cacao and organic honey. Boy oh boy I thought mint patties were my favorite but these have leapt into my heart and my mouth with disturbing vigor. From Heavenly Organics who seem to put a dose of love into each gorgeous purple package. 

For the true, true stories behind this incredible foodstuff, read on.

Thanks to Heavenly Organics and their miraculous Honey Patties, you can have your lightly sweetened chocolate fix again. It starts with natural raw honey, something that isn't always a dead-ringer for being paleo due to the sweetness. But then again, honey is pretty close to paleo: something a paleolithic human could just find out in the wild. But let's face it, there was a lot of competition for sweet stuff back in the day.

And then there's cacao. Something we as humans have processed for thousands of years by drying, fermenting, grinding, and then consuming with vigor and joy. When it's raw it has a huge contingent of antioxidants and nutrients vital to both health and happiness. These patties are my new favorite thing, period. 

They’ve got thick chocolate shells, thicker than other thin patty brands, and their creamy center is just thick enough from the cacao/honey whip filling to not be messy. Whew. Each bite has the most amazing flavor and texture because of the wonders of White Himalayan Honey. The shell is unsweetened chocolate, a perfect complex counterpoint to the honey center. Compulsive deconstructionist candy-eaters can nibble thick bits of shell, lick the filling, nibble some more shell … or you can just eat the whole thing in a few ecstatic bites. The combination of inside and outside is just incredible. And have I mentioned that this entire thing just has TWO ingredients, all healthy and organic? Dark chocolate, wild white honey, and nothing else. The creamed honey is the perfect texture between soft and hard, and you can put these patties in the fridge to take them even further, according to your preference or whim.

Not only is Heavenly Organics brilliant at product innovation, they’re obsessively rigorous about purity, fair trade, animal welfare and sustainability. They go above and beyond, operating from a deep values basis and doing everything right. (Bee-friendly honey, anyone?) No wonder their patties taste so good. These patties are a perfect some-days treat, and an amazing alternative candy for times like Halloween, Easter, and other holidays when the high-fructose corn syrup is flowing like addictive water.

Okay, so these little morsels are incredible. But let’s go further, shall we? If you’re not already convinced that Heavenly Organics has created the perfect confection, then read on. But watch first!

The wonders of White Himalayan Honey

The interior of these patties is made out of some of the best honey you’ll find anywhere in the world.  This rare, wild, organic, unheated, Himalayan Honey originates in isolated valleys high in the Himalayan Mountains near the source of the Ganges River. Most of this pristine region, famous for its wild-crafted health-promoting plants and flowers, is well beyond the reach of automobiles or pollutants of any kind. It is light or "white" in color and has a smooth and unique flavor that slowly opens your senses to a multitude of exotic flowers as it lingers on the palate.

This honey not only tastes amazing, but it’s got health-giving properties too. High-quality raw honey is actually a wonderful superfood in its own right. It’s not an accident that your grandmother had you drink tea with honey when you were sick as a child. For centuries, honey has been used to treat all sorts of ailments — raw honey has anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. Each batch of Heavenly Organics Himalayan White Honey has unique health-promoting properties provided by the variety of seasonal flowers blooming at the time of harvest. Himalayan White Honey is 100% raw and unheated, preserving all the delicate enzymes and health-promoting qualities derived from the flower essences.

Why dark chocolate is so great for you

Cacao is packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals — it’se one of the best dietary sources of magnesium as well as a good source of calcium, iron, copper, zinc and potassium. A rich source of theobromine and tryptophan, it elevates your mood while boosting your health. It also contains neurotransmitter anandamide (the "bliss" chemical), neurotransmitter phenethylamine (also known as PEA, the "love molecule"), neurotransmitter serotonin (a brain chemical that acts to shield against stress, increasing ones sense of wellbeing) neurotransmitter dopamine (increases ones sense of pleasure and elevates the mood), phytochemical coumarin (suppresses appetite, and also has anti-tumor properties and helps with blood circulation) enzyme asparaginase (a special enzyme with anti-cancer properties) ergosterol (a necessary chemical for Vitamin D assimilation) and sitosterol (helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels). Cacao butter, which gives chocolate its smooth, melt-in-your mouth quality, is also an incredible source of vitamins, flavonoids, antioxidants and minerals. It contains cocoa mass polyphenol (CMP) which has been shown to thwart cancer, prevent cardiovascular disease and ease arthritis, as well as oleic acid, a healthy monounsaturated fat which is not only beautifying (moisturizing from the inside), but may lower the risk of heart failure. Yes, chocolate can be great for your health, as well as your soul!

About Heavenly Organics, in their own words

Heavenly Organics is a grower, producer and worldwide distributor of premium organic food ingredients and products.

Our Mission

To produce and market 100% organic products with sustainable methods that preserves and nourishes the biodiversity of our planet, as well as the traditional people and cultures where our products are harvested and produced.

Sustainable, Bee-Friendly & Eco-Friendly Honey Harvesting Methods

Traditional bee keepers hand-harvest this extremely rare, multi-floral honey. They are careful to use eco-friendly, natural methods that protect the bees and preserve all the natural pollen, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes of the honey.

When you enjoy this rare, organic, unheated, Himalayan Honey you will connect to a simpler and more natural time and place, and support an organic lifestyle that is worthy of preserving, expanding and celebrating. 

What we believe

We are dedicated to creating and maintaining the Purity, Health, Flavor, and Harmony with Nature in every Heavenly Organics product.

We believe in having respect for all life. This means that farming should be beneficial to the earth, kind to the farmers, and friendly to the animals that produce nourishing food for us. 

We are passionately committed to shaping the present and future standards of the organic industry on a worldwide basis to reflect the highest ideals.

We are compassionately dedicated to promoting cruelty-free, eco-friendly and sustainable farming as a way of life. 

We aspire to help co-create heavenly life on earth in this generation.

Fairly Traded

Our White Himalayan honey comes from Kashmir near the border of Tibet. The farmers in this exquisitely beautiful region of India depend on the good and reliable income they receive from the exotic, pure, and highly treasured honey they collect from this sacred geography. Ironically and unfortunately, the beauty and sacredness of this beautiful part of the world, has turned Kashmir into a battleground between Pakistan and India for sovereign control. Terrorists trained in Pakistan have ruthlessly attacked the innocent people of Kashmir time and time again. This has displaced many farmers of this region who have turned to the collection of honey as a primary means of livelihood. Heavenly Organics pays these honey collectors a premium price for this truly exotic and rare honey. Your purchase of this honey provides sustenance and strength to the gentle people of this beautiful and spiritual, yet war-torn area of the world.