Cashew Cookie Coconut Butter by Nikki's
Cashew Cookie Coconut Butter by Nikki's

Nikki's Coconut Butter

Cashew Cookie Coconut Butter by Nikki's

Cashews are the Barry White of the nut world: deep, smooth, mellow and oh so sultry. The combination of their fats, their fibers, and their carbs make for a nut butter that is silky and smooth: no grit, no way. In other words, this ain't almond butter. Now take that cashew buttah and blend it with coconut manna and a smidge of salt and you've got Cashew Cookie Butter from Nikki's: their first flavor without a bit of sweetener. You'll never miss it, not with this crooner on your spoon. 

For the true, true stories behind this incredible foodstuff, read on.

Coconut butter is a pretty delicious thing in and of itself. You take coconut and grind it up until it's a thick paste. Then add a little bit of coconut oil to get it to a spreadable texture and add maybe a pinch of salt. That's it. Insanely rich in healthy fats like lauric acid, coconut butter is every paleo person's answer whenever they're missing peanut butter but are burnt out on almonds or sunflower seeds. But it is pretty . . . coconutty. To the extreme.

So let's mellow out that butter. Let's talk Cashews. 

I bet you've noticed that vegan cheese is made from cashews. What did those poor cashews do to deserve such treatment?! Actually, it is the cashew's wonderfulness that makes it a target for creamy exploitation. You see, cashews have this uniquely silky quality that shines when they're all ground up into a butter. It is what makes cashew ice cream (yes, true) possible, as well as that oh-so-strange vegan cheese.

(As a matter of fact, cashews are completely amazing in anything you want a super-creamy agent blended in, from sauces to smoothies. Take note!)

So here you have it. Cashew Cookie Coconut Butter, from Nikki's. This nut butter is unlike so many others, starting with the superfood coconut as the base. But what really makes coconut butter so sought after is the flavor. Organic coconuts, like the ones Nikki's uses, have a great natural sweetness that makes eating their coconut butters feel like eating dessert. Add those mellow and smooth cashews and honestly you will wonder if there isn't just a hint of honey in there or *something*. I promise, there is not. No sweetener, no artificial anything. Just coconut, cashews, vanilla, cinnamon, and salt. And your spoon, which will have a hard time staying out of that jar. 

Why Nikki's Coconut Butter is so good for you

All of the ingredients in Nikki's newest flavor are organic, woohoo! We applaud Nikki's for using ingredients that are healthy and ethical, even if the cost to produce and then purchase is a little bit higher. It's important that we all support the folks that make and grow our food in sustainable ways, and it's awesome that Nikki's is one of those companies.

Even though this Cashew Cookie flavor is currently the only fully-organic butter in their lineup, it is their goal to have all of the coconut butters produced organically in the near future. That's a wonderful thing for you, me, and everyone!  

Here are some of the amazing ingredients in Nikki's Coconut Butter

Coconut and Coconut Oil

Coconut has been used by many cultures worldwide for thousands of years, and is well known for its many amazing properties. Coconut is so nutritious, its list of benefits reads like a patent medicine bottle. Many people eat several tablespoons of coconut oil daily, for the incredible host of benefits it confers. It’s full of health-boosting lauric acid and medium-chain triglycerides, and it’s been shown to:

  • Help with weight loss
  • Boost energy and athletic performance
  • Help with Alzheimer’s and cognitive function
  • Have antimicrobial and anti-viral qualities
  • Nourish the thyroid
  • Help prevent candida overgrowth
  • Boost the metabolism
  • Make skin and hair softer

Cashews have a rich supply of oleic acid, a classically beautifying oil, great for skin and hair. It also reduces your blood triglyceride and low-density lipoproteins (LDL),  and elevates your high-density lipoprotein (HDL) concentration. Cashews are also rich in linolenic acid, which can effectively lower your blood pressure, and also has antioxidant properties which defend your blood vessels from free radicals.

Cashews contain a small amount of zea-xanthin, an important pigment flavonoid antioxidant, which is selectively absorbed into the retinal macula lutea in the eyes, providing protective UV ray filtering functions and helping to prevent age-related macular degeneration.

Cashews are an excellent source of vitamin K, which is indispensable to maintaining healthy bones, and has tumor suppression abilities. Studies have shown that increased intake of vitamin K lowers the occurrence of prostate cancer in men, and is effective in both prevention and treatment of cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Cashew nuts are very rich source of essential minerals, especially manganese, potassium, copper, iron, magnesium, zinc and selenium.

How to use and eat Nikki's Coconut Butters:

While the concept for coconut butter is the same as other nut butters, there are some noticeable differences between them. If you have ever used coconut oil, then you know that the oil will be liquid above room temperature and solid below room temperature. Since Nikki’s Coconut Butter does contain this very melty coconut oil, it will be creamier when at warm room temperature, and stiffer at a cooler room temperature. At any temperature it is delicious; that will not change. To maintain the consistency of the texture, jars should be stored at room temperature and should not be refrigerated.

  1. On a spoon
  2. See #1
  3. Ok, ok . . . how about putting a spoonful on a slice of apple? Or warming it up a little and drizzling over any fresh fruit you've got on hand.
  4. Add some to your favorite paleo-ified baked good, like banana bread. Many banana bread recipes already use nut butters so just swap equal amounts and enjoy!
  5. You know that infamous/famous frozen banana ice cream recipe? (Spoiler: you just take frozen banana slices and blitz in food processor until it looks like soft serve.) Add some Cashew Cookie Butter to that mix and . . . whoa.
  6. Coconut Butter Granola Bars, from Nikki's own recipe collection:
  7. On a spoon. (couldn't resist)

About Nikki's Coconut Butters, in their own words

"A few years ago, we completely revamped our diet and started following a Paleo diet. We cut out most of the dairy, gluten, soy, and processed foods, and started loading up on veggies, meats, and healthy fats. Within a few weeks of making those changes, we were feeling better than we ever had before. We fell in love with this new way of life, and haven’t looked back since. 

One of the challenges with Paleo, and most diets, is there aren’t a lot of snack foods that are compatible with the diet. Most packaged foods are loaded with refined flour and sugars, gluten, dairy, soy, or some other unpronounceable ingredients. Frustrated with our limited snacking options, we decided to experiment with making our own coconut butter at home.

We immediately fell in love with the natural sweetness and unique texture of coconut butter. We furthered our experiment by adding every ingredient in our pantry until we came up with several unique flavors of Nikki’s Coconut Butter!

Some of the flavors have changed over time, but the idea is the same. Create a dessert-like treat can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. We hope you enjoy Nikki’s Coconut Butter just as much as we do!"

Here are answers to some of your most important questions!

What is the shelf life of the coconut butters from Nikki's?

Nikki's Coconut Butter products have all passed the two year test on the ingredients. However, for the best flavor and texture, we recommend enjoying your coconut butter within 4 weeks of opening the jar and within 12 months unopened. 

Are Nikki's Coconut Butters allergen-free, like soy and dairy and egg and gluten?

Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes. Every flavor of Nikki's Coconut Butter is free from soy, milk, egg, and gluten products. The only known allergens that are contained with Nikki’s Coconut Butter are nuts and coconut.