Primal Oil by Pure Indian Foods


Pure Indian Foods

Primal Oil by Pure Indian Foods

When was the last time you had your MIND. BLOWN. by your salad? Get ready, because this Primal Oil is going to take your lunchtime repast past the point of delicious all the way into rocketship amazing. Each peppery drop is a perfect blend of cold-pressed, organic, virgin oils: olive, black cumin seed, and sacha inchi. The result is a vibrantly green and fresh drizzling oil for anything from warm roasted veggies to fish to, yes, your own favorite salad dressing recipe. A little goes a long way, allowing you to add flavor while keeping your meal light and nutritious. ~

For the true, true stories behind this incredible foodstuff, read on.

I'm betting you are here because finding a really amazing tasting finishing oil isn't as easy as it used to be. It seems to  me that a lot of "fresh" off the shelf oils, even the higher-priced olive oils, are rancid the moment you get them home. That's a huge bummer from a price perspective, not to mention that rancid oil is unhealthy for your body in addition to not tasting that great.

Here is the answer: Pure Indian Foods Primal Oil. WOW, is this stuff delicious. Do you like a bright and peppery olive oil? Like just a little bit of "bite" to your finished dishes when you drizzle on some golden fat? This is your oil. 

Primal Oil is a balanced blend of olive, black cumin seed, and sacha inchi oils. Each brings their own flavor and nutrient profile to the mix. All together they make for a vibrant green liquid equally at home on a fresh piece of fish as on your arugula salad.

Pure Indian Foods makes some of the best FATS I have ever tasted, from ghee to cooking oils and beyond. This blend continues that track record, while delivering a great story and the satisfaction of supporting a small family business.

Why Primal Oil? Why THIS blend of cold-pressed oils?

  • Olive oil: packed with monounsaturated fat called Omega-9, plant antioxidants called polyphenols, and vitamin E compounds called tocopherols.
  • Black Cumin Seed oil: ancient in its uses, yet truly a rising superstar. It’s been studied extensively for its therapeutic and nutritional value, and was a favorite beauty aid for Cleopatra. On its own, it has quite a pungent bite, but when blended into PRIMALOIL it mellows a bit to become a palate-pleasing, easy way to get Black Cumin Seed Oil into your daily diet.
  • Sacha Inchi oil: virtually unknown in the US until the nutritional profile of its seed propelled it into the category of a true “Super Food”. Sacha Inchi contains tocopherols, phytosterols (found in healthy plant foods), and phenolic compounds (found in plants with antioxidant properties) as well as healthy fats. Each serving provides 500mg of important Omega-3.

Here's how easy and convenient it is to add this super oil to your meals:


Just three cold-pressed oils and nothing more. All sealed in a dark glass bottle that keeps the oil fresher than any other kind of vessel, and an easy pouring spout that lets you drizzle without drips.

About Pure Indian Foods, in their own words

In 1889, Lala Khoobram Agarwal, our great-great-grandfather, launched a pure ghee business in northern India. After 5 generations and over 124 years, they are still learning, growing, and adding more amazing foods to their lineup!

How to use this amazing Primal Oil:

  1. Drizzle over paleo flatbread (how about some Yucan Crunch!?), then sprinkle with flaky salt.
  2. Just a little bit over your freshly baked or steamed piece of fish.
  3. Blend with nuts and fresh herbs for a one-of-a-kind pesto that would make your Whole30 recipe group proud!
  4. Speaking of that, how about some hummus with just a bit of this oil on top for punch and bite?
  5. Toss into fresh popped popcorn (yep, paleos eat heirloom popcorn sometimes). First, cook the popcorn with coconut oil (my favorite!), then drizzle with Primal Oil and salt for a savory snack.
  6. Salad dressing! The best, ever. Combine apple cider vinegar, Primal Oil, mustard, and salt and pepper and whisk until awesome.
Sweet Potato Fries with Primal Oil and Pecans (from Pure Indian Foods)

3 tablespoons PRIMALOIL
1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
2-3 teaspoons Sucanat or Coconut Palm Sugar
¼ teaspoon cinnamon, or to taste
4 medium sweet potatoes, cut into French-Fry shapes
1 tablespoon melted Ghee
Salt and pepper, to taste
½ cup chopped, roasted pecans

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Whisk together PRIMALOIL, balsamic vinegar, Sucanat or coconut palm sugar, and cinnamon. Set aside. Toss cut sweet potatoes with melted ghee, salt and pepper. Transfer to a parchment-lined baking sheet. Bake for 30-45 minutes, or until tender. Remove from oven; drizzle with PRIMALOIL and vinegar mixture. Sprinkle with roasted pecans.