Whole30 Compliant Products

All of us at Barefoot Provisions agree: Whole30 has changed our lives. We’re confident that it can change yours as well. In fact, we’re so confident that we’ve teamed up with Whole30 to create this exclusive collection of Whole30 foods and snacks that are ultra-delicious and ultra-nutritious.

We love the rigor of the Whole30 approach, and the psychological shifts that happen when you eliminate the paleo-fied “treats” and get back to basics. We believe in moderation — which includes the occasional paleo brownie — but we completely embrace the Whole30 approach, which allows us to get to that place of true moderation and food freedom by breaking ourselves of bad habits, addictions, and cravings. That’s where our wholesome selection of Whole30 foods and snacks comes into play.

Because all of these great products have been carefully selected and approved by the Whole30 team, all you have to do is pick the items you like and let us do the rest. This way, you can focus on your Whole30 journey while resting assured that you’re eating the best foods possible. Give it your best 30 and enjoy!