Paleo Energy Bars

Energy bars: the wolf in sheep's clothing. Yep, you might as well put lipstick on the vast majority of energy bar pigs. Meaning, these guys mostly have jacked up amounts of sugar, and other high-glycemic sweeteners like brown rice syrup and tapioca syrup, which makes them less than perfect candidates for good healthy energy and more for heart disease and diabetes. Balance and Clif, for example, each have almost 5 teaspoons of sugar!

And if it isn't sugar, they’re generally loaded with dodgy processed proteins like hydrolyzed soy protein and rice protein concentrate. And they’re often plumped out with grains, generally non-sprouted. If they’ve got creamy coatings, they may well contain icky stuff like fractionated palm kernel oil. Even the nice pure raw organic ones with whole ingredients often contain so much sugar that they feel more like high-glycemic treats than like bona fide sustained energy sources. A person could stand at the energy bar aisle in most grocery stores for a half hour, reading labels and despairing. But not anymore :-)