Grain-Free Instant Hot Cereal, Blueberry Flax, by Wildway
Grain-Free Instant Hot Cereal, Blueberry Flax, by Wildway


Grain-Free Instant Hot Cereal, Blueberry Flax, by Wildway

Have a happy flashback to being a kid with a bowl of instant oatmeal—but with all the nutrition your grown-up body craves. This packet of warm blissful breakfast comes right from the folks of Wildway, who have taken comfort food to a new level. Just add hot water, perhaps a splash of your milk of choice, and spoon up the satiation. Packed with nuts and flaxseeds and freeze-dried blueberries, this is the answer to your oatmeal-loving Paleo desires. No grains, no sweeteners, no hangries.  ~

For the true, true stories behind this incredible foodstuff, read on.

Instant oatmeal packets from the 80s and later were the staple of our childhood. With or without stupendous amounts of sugar and flavors, those were the breakfast of choice whenever cold cereal got boring. As an adult, real oatmeal started to taste good, both old-school rolled and hoity-toity steel cut. But then we all got healthier, and we started eating less grains and more healthy fats, and oatmeal just didn't work. Eggs? Sure, tasty and all but not the same.

Enter Wildway and their instant hot cereals. How exactly does one make a hot cereal out of, well, nuts? Truth is, it ain't easy. First you grind those nuts up to a good rough flour, then add some ground dates and vanilla for a hint of natural sweet. Then to help things thicken up, add some ground coconut and flax. Finally, add some amazing extra flavor, like blueberries for a sweet-tart accent and a whole lot of taste.

The simplicity is just like instant oatmeal: tear open the packet, put in bowl, add hot water, wait a minute, stir, eat. You can make it nice and thick by using less water, and darn near soupy if you are generous in your pour. Either way is up to you. Now take a spoonful and dig in. You'll taste the nuts, you'll pick up that mild vanilla, and you will definitely appreciate the coconut's richness. Even the blueberry taste will ring clearly on your tongue. This is one hot cereal that will truly stick to your ribs in a way that plain oatmeal just couldn't. With healthy fats and lots of fiber, it will take you past the hangry-hour and beyond.

Why Wildway Hot Cereal is so good for you

If you could see the smiles on the faces of the folks behind Wildway you'd wonder just what kind of superfoods they were consuming every day. Likely story, it's their own delicious recipes. 

In their own words: Living healthy is not just something you do for the short term, it’s a lifelong commitment to treating your body right. It’s about making exercise a part of your daily routine and fueling your body with real, whole foods the way nature intended. Here at Wildway, we believe in this holistic approach to long-term health with a foundation of good nutrition. We call this our “Wildway of life”.

We provide nutritious whole foods that will help you live to the fullest and perform at your very best, because you’re worth it. We are challenging the status quo with a food that gives you superior nutrition and lasting energy while supporting an active metabolism. All natural ingredients is our standard and promise to you. No fillers, no junk– just pure, whole foods. This is who we are, and this is what we stand for.

Here are some of the amazing nutrients in Wildway Instant Hot Cereal


Dates are the only source of the hint of sweetness in this cereal, a natural preservative and source of awesome chewiness. Dates are vitamin and mineral-rich—they’re particularly high in iron and vitamin K. 


Pecans are phenomenally healthy — they’re high in healthy fats, protein, antioxidants, vitamins and alkalizing minerals. The omega-9 monounsaturated fats help maintain a healthy cholesterol profile as well as protect against free radical damage.  

Pecans are also a rich source of many phytochemical substances that may contribute to their overall antioxidant activity, including polyphenolic antioxidant ellagic acid, vitamin E, beta-carotene, lutein and zea-xanthin. These compounds may help the body remove toxic oxygen-free radicals and thus, protect the body from diseases, cancers, as well as infections. On top of that, pecans are high in B-complex vitamins, minerals such as manganese and magnesium. Whew!


Walnuts are a low-carb, high-antioxidant food, loaded with nourishing protein, fiber, and ultra-high levels of healthy omega-3 essential fatty acids to fuel your brain and heart. Shaped like a mini-brain, people have been eating walnuts for thousands of years as a “brain food” super-nut.

How to eat Wildway Instant Hot Cereal

Start with the basics. Open packet. Put cereal in bowl. Add hot water. Stir. Wait. Eat.

After that, you can get more inspired. Add a little honey. Add some MORE nuts. Add fresh fruit (bananas!). Add heavy cream. Super yum! Let your creativity go paleo.

About Wildway, in their own words

Wildway is an evolving health food company specializing in a one-of-a-kind gluten-free, grain-free, and sweetener-free granolas and hot cereals. They are turning heads and challenging the status quo on what “granola” or "instant hot cereal" can be. While their grain-free “oatmeal” may be a misnomer, the simple, real-food ingredients that comprise it are no lie. Try it for yourself and experience a modern approach to an age-old food. We promise you won’t regret it. Come check out this world and experience the Wildway difference. 

So what's behind some of their philosophy? Again, they tell it best.

"Here at Wildway, our mission is to inspire others to lead healthier, fuller lives. Although we make great tasting, good-for-you foods, this philosophy is much more than just great nutritional health. Living a healthier, fuller life means taking a much more connected approach to health and healthy living. It means finding those things that truly make you come alive and using that raw passion to instill lasting, powerful change throughout your daily life, and that means something completely different to everyone."

Frequently asked Questions

What do you mean by sweetener-free?

There are no added sugars or sweeteners of any kind to our hot cereal. No sugar, no sugar substitute, no agave, not even honey. Instead, our cereal is naturally sweetened by the fruit it contains.

How is Wildway hot cereal different from other gluten-free hot cereals?

Other gluten-free hot cereals simply use gluten-free grains as a replacement to the oats typically found in regular oatmeal. They use things like gluten-free oats, buckwheat, quinoa, and corn as an alternative, however, Wildway hot cereal is not only gluten-free, but it’s grain-free as well.