Paleo Condiments

Condiments we're fonda. No French's or Heinz's here, in spite of how much we mourn the warm, happy, indelible place they occupy in our childhood memories. Hot dogs, campfires, summers...oh my!

We still love condiments as secret weapons of flavor enhancement and added complexity, but we want cleaner, more nuanced, tasty and healthier versions. Sometimes, we like to add them to dishes or foods to impart a particular flavor, sometimes to enhance its flavor, and sometimes to complement the dish. We like experimenting with all kinds of sauces, rubs, pastes, jams, and preserves to see what happens in the alchemical cooking process, but also just to try new flavors on old foods. Or old flavors on new foods. This selection is budding, and will get you started in your tongue trials, but come back and see what happens here. We expect great things.