Paleo Oils and Paleo Fats

What's bad is good. (or, Get real. Get fat.) Fats are in, if you haven't been paying attention. Well, at least delicious, nutritionally-packed "healthy" fats and oils. For years, we've been told that we need to eat a low-fat diet, but the latest epigenetic studies all point to the super-charged benefits of minimally processed, unrefined fats and oils.

Like the rest of our foods, our fats and oils are "traditional foods," which are foods that our ancestors would have eaten pre-industrialized "big food." So our fats and oils not only taste like they did hundreds of years ago, in all their rich and pure brain-building glory, but they are not processed using standard practices like hydrogenization, genetic modification or hexane extraction.

So, out with canola, grapeseed, and sunflower. And in with the coconut, olive, ghee. Try some for cooking, and try some for finishing. Learn to love the fat again.