Paleo Herbs and Paleo Spices

Not your Mom's spice rack. No Spice Island here, nor McCormick, nor cloudy glass jar half-full of dried and dusty spicelessness. Come to think of it, we can't remember the last spice rack we owned. Seems we've had a mess of tins and jars and makeshift vessels atop our cook counter for more years than we can count. We "improvise" a lot, and we gravitate to spices and herbs that make us look better in the kitchen, and taste better in the mouth.

But no secrets here. These are your secrets, should you choose to reveal them — some of the most interesting and punchy flavor blends out there. We've tasted our way through dried seeds, fruits, roots, barks, herbal blends and exotic vegetative substances for the benefit of your flavoring whims. Taste them and rediscover cooking.