Paleo Nut Butters

Skip the Skippy. We adore nut butters. Slathering the creamy mess guiltily onto fruits or toast, or even just spooning it straight from the jar into our salivating mouth, is a hedonistic pleasure. And breaking into a new jar, with its pool of oily goodness atop, and virgin nutty manna beneath, is always a special occasion. On top of all that, we know how healthy nut oils can be, packed with wonderful heart-healthy fats, protein, and disease-fighting vitamins and minerals.

But mainstream brands contain junky hydrogenated oils, sugar, and additives that are just not righteous. And their "natural" product lines swap hydrogenated oils for palm oil, another thing to avoid.

So we've searched far and wide for only the most deliciously smooth, creamy and healthy Paleo nut butters, that can stand proud and sure against the fuss of the "fat-watchers" and Big PB&J. So dip, pour, spoon, slather, finger, and devour at will without a nut of compunction.