MCT Oil, 100% Coconut Derived, from Caveman Coffee

Caveman Coffee

MCT Oil, 100% Coconut Derived, from Caveman Coffee

Stock your larder with the fat that runs circles around lard and all the rest: MCT oil. It will level-up your "bomb-proof" coffee to invincible. It will breathe life into your boring old smoothies. But why this MCT oil instead of the rest? Because coconuts. 100% coconuts. Most MCT oils are made from palm oil or a mix of palm and coconut. By using coconuts sourced ethically from small farms, Caveman Coffee Co. is ensuring sustainability and nutrition, all in one delicious package.  ~

For the true, true stories behind this incredible foodstuff, read on.

Coconut, schmoconut. Are coconuts really all that? Well . . . yes. They are. They are all that and a box of kittens. Or a bag of chips? Here's the deal: MCT oil is one of the best and most metabolism-revving kinds of fat out there. There's a little bit of it in yummy things like coconuts, grass-fed dairy, palm oil, and a few more. But pure MCT oil is hard to find, and often made from palm kernel oil, a product that is not the most sustainable crop in the world. That's too bad, especially if you like your coffee "bulletproof", or your mayonnaise super-keto-friendly. 

Enter the most sustainable MCT oil on the market right now: Caveman Coffee Co's coconut only MCT oil, sourced with care and made just for you. And you. And you. 

This oil has all the best parts of MCT oil: no flavor, liquid at room temperature, and seriously nutritious. You can use it in all of your favorite coffee creations, or to make mayonnaise, or to add to smoothies. Let your imagination go wild.

Why 100% Coconut MCT is so good for you

Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) oil contains high amounts of the fatty acids caprylic (C8), capric (C10) and lauric (C12) acids. Recent research shows that these saturated fats have unique health benefits such as improving weight loss, metabolic function and brain function. Also, the once-firm belief that saturated fats cause heart disease is crumbling. A substantial and growing body of scientific evidence shows that saturated fats do not cause heart disease.

Here's what the creators of this MCT oil—Caveman Coffee Co.—have to say about their gift to you:

"MCT oil is AWESOME! This stuff is like nature's energy drink. You're going to get jacked (or lady-jacked . . . Jill'd?) with this stuff. MCT is a medium chain triglyceride. Most of the food we consume is composed of long chain triglycerides, which basically means that it takes a while for our body to process them. MCT, like the ones found in coconut, are processed almost upon consumption. Your body will burn through them, leading to a little bump in metabolism, plus serious energy.

This is a ready source of energy that increases the absorption of products that are taken with it. So, if you decide to blend some into your coffee (which you should) the caffeine in the coffee will become more available to your body. The cool thing is, you don't get the crazy super panicky feeling of drinking too much caffeine; you're just more alert, more energetic. Plus, you don't crash when the caffeine has worn off. Your mind gently floats down to a soft pillow of feathers, cotton balls and baby kisses (If you like babies. Otherwise, doggies.). The addition of MCT to your diet will up your stamina game, your energy game, your everything game."

Here's what Caveman Coffee Co. says about how they chose their sources:

"Caveman Coffee Co. MCT oil is sourced sustainably and is derived 100% from coconuts. We have made a choice to cut out Palm Oil MCT entirely. We believe in sustaining our environment and preserving the life in our rain forests. Speak with your dollars and enjoy the amazing health benefits of MCT oil." 

Who are these Caveman Coffee Co. folks and why?

Three folks got together several years ago to roast some amazing coffee right in the heart of Breaking Bad territory: Albuquerque, New Mexico. They then branched out into coconut stuff, like this MCT oil right here. They are:

Tait Fletcher: SAG award winning actor, MMA fighter, professional stuntman. He owns a successful gym in Santa Fe, NM that offers CrossFit and 10th Planet Jui Jitsu programs. Has a podcast called Pirate Life. Friends with Joe Rogan. Yeah, that Joe Rogan.

Keith Jardine: World Champion UFC fighter as “Keith the Mean Jardine.” He owns a hot yoga and functional movement gym in Albuquerque called Hot Yoga Infusion. His personal experience with training and nutrition are at the foundation of the Caveman Coffee’s company values.

Lacie Mackey: professional stunt trainer and CrossFit athlete, including being on a 2011 team that went to the CrossFit Games. She has a background in business marketing and has created and run national programs for Fortune 500 companies over the last 10 years. She applies this experience to Caveman operations.

How to use this MCT Oil:

  1. Make some delicious and keto-friendly mayonnaise. Yum.
  2. Blend with grass-fed butter and your favorite coffee for some seriously delicious rejuvenating brew.
  3. Eat by the spoonful, as a supplement: one tablespoon per day for excellent healthy fats.
  4. Add to smoothies. Make your breakfast super exciting all over again.

    Here are answers to some of your most important questions!

    Why Coconut Oil?

    Stable, delicious, nutritious. There's not much better of an oil for your body and for recipes: neutral, ethical, full of goodness.

    Does this oil need to be refrigerated?

    Not specifically. But. Refrigeration prevents oxidation and preserves flavor during storage. Oxidation occurs slowly over time, so enjoy all of your high-quality fats over weeks rather than years. A few days or weeks unrefrigerated is not a problem.