Paleo Smoothie Products

Smoothie operators (couldn't resist).  Be it for breakfast, snack, or even sometimes supper, a smoothie is our best friend. A simple preparation that merely requires the gathering of the best and brightest blend able foodstuffs to suit your taste occasion, and the relaxed flick of a blender switch, preferably the standout Vitamix. (No endorsements here, just sheer practical honesty.)

We treat a smoothie like any other recipe, with close attention to flavor, balance, texture, and of course, nutritional profile. We're not much for industrial-tasting protein shakes here at Barefoot; we like it natural, clean, satisfying and delectable. Even hedonistic, if possible, with yumstuffs like rich flavorful cacao nibs, coconut cream, maqui berry, or almond butter. Our selection of smoothie essentials here should fit the bill and allow for any number of unique combinations.