Paleo Products

Our desert island indispensables. As busy as we all are, and as inconvenient as it often may seem to break out the skillet or crank up the oven, we always gravitate back to the kitchen to salve our simmering souls. And the "must-haves," the "go-tos," the indispensables for our desert island dishes, like greens sauteed in a dollop of coconut oil with chili pepper flakes, or chicken thighs in fish sauce, are right here. (Yes... and yum.)

We simply cannot function, and we definitely can't cook, without these essentials. Like our silken Nutiva coconut oil, or our palate-altering Red Boat Fish Sauce (buy it by the case), which transcends umami and reaches tongue-tingling depths. Or the voluptuously rich, glorious grass-fed ghee from Pure Indian for all your high-heat cooking concoctions. They're all basic. But they're all vital.