Paleo Crackers and Chips

Guilty pleasure no more. We grew up eating heaping handfuls of salty chips and crackers. Didn't we all? They tasted delicious. And ate them, we did—by the quarter pound bagful. But, in time, we learned to avoid them—except in moments of guilt-ridden pleasure.

So we were very pleased—and surprised—to discover so many yummy crackers and chips that met our bare standards of goodness on the two key levels—tastiness and nourishment. That's right, you can actually eat nutritious crackers and chips that still taste like...crackers and chips. And believe us when we say we've had our share of styrofoam-like kale chips, and low-fat, high fiber crackers, that are more likely to crack a tooth than satisfy our craving for toothsomeness.

In this selection, you won't find unhealthy hydrogenated oils, processed carbs or sugar—just good clean snacks to satisfy those in-between meal time cravings, when you want the pleasure, but not the guilt. Crunches anyone?