Paleo Nuts and Paleo Seeds

Rejoice for hippy food. Not that we could live on a diet of paleo nuts and paleo seeds alone, but those early back-to-the-landers were onto something and, gosh darn it if we aren't working as many nuts and seeds into our diets as all possible these days. They are nature's snack food, when you think about it, before the industrial packaged goods tinkerers and traders redefined the snacking playing field for us.

But it's not too late to reclaim our legacy of healthy snack foods, and the nuts and seeds here will deliver most assuredly on the promise of a perfect combinatory metric of yumminess, convenience, and nutritiousness. Like our nut butters before their smooth elevated reincarnation, these little bundles of joy carry the goods — tremendously rich sources of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, dietary fiber and minerals. So get crackin'.