Coconut Almond Butter with Sea Salt by Bliss Nut Butter

Bliss Nut Butters

Coconut Almond Butter with Sea Salt by Bliss Nut Butter

Today is gonna be the day you realize that those almond butters you thought you loved are just not good enough. They're a little too smooth, a little too pedestrian. Dip a spoon into this jar of salted almond coconut butter, coarse and sophisticated and studded with crunchy bits. Feel the tantalizing nuggets of sea salt on your tongue. It will make magic in your mouth before the spoon hits the jar for the second—inevitable—time. Quickly, hand your spoon to someone else who needs a blissful epiphany before you start cradling the jar and murmuring, "precioussss".  ~

For the true, true stories behind this incredible foodstuff, read on.

Get ready for a graduate level course in nut butters. All of the other nut butters you've had before are probably just fine, really. Those smooth and nicely mellow almond butters. The raw and unsalted spoonfuls of richness. And yet. They're a little too mellow, like riding a pony around in a circle. This chunky and no-holds-barred jar of nut butter bliss is like grabbing onto that saddle and going for a wild gallop.

Enough with the metaphors. This Almond Coconut Butter is made by Bliss Nut Butters and it is all of the "D"s: decadent, delicious, dreamy, devilish, delectable, delightful, and just darn tasty. What you'll taste first is the toasted almonds, almost smoky but absolutely complex and rich. Then the backbeat of coconut comes in, both from coconut manna and oil, providing an extra boost of healthy fats and a light flavor. Finally, the only other ingredient is sea salt. Not just any sea salt, blended in and forgotten. No, this is big chunks of salt that melt on the tongue and crunch in the teeth, adding a whole 'nother dimension to your joy. 

Really, pass this jar or at least your tasting spoon on to a friend. You might feel all that bliss and joy while you're enthusiastically dipping your spoon in again and again, but it could turn into feeling so full that you might have to skip dinner. 

Why is Bliss Nut Butter so good for you?

Simplicity plus superfoods. That's all there is to it. There are just four ingredients to tempt your tongue and your tummy. Here’s what’s going on inside:


Coconut has been used by many cultures worldwide for thousands of years, and is well known for its many amazing properties. Coconut is so nutritious, its list of benefits reads like a patent medicine bottle.  It’s full of health-boosting lauric acid and medium-chain triglycerides, has antimicrobial and anti-viral qualities, and has been shown to help with weight loss, Alzheimer’s, cognitive function and athletic performance. It nourishes the thyroid, helps prevent candida overgrowth, boosts the metabolism, and makes skin and hair softer. Many people eat several tablespoons of coconut oil daily, for the incredible host of benefits it confers. Also, it’s one of the tastiest things a person could eat. (No offense, sea veggies.)


Almonds are naturally delicious and extremely nourishing. Healthy fats, fiber, antioxidants, calcium, zinc, selenium, copper, magnesium, manganese, tryptophan and vitamin E are just a handful of the key nutrients that make almonds so nutritious. Almonds are so nutritious, their list of benefits reads like a patent medicine bottle. They’re full of health-giving fats, like oleic acid and linoleic acid, powerful antioxidants that can protect against many forms of cancer (oleic acid can protect women against breast cancer specifically), and can also significantly lower the amount of LDL in your blood, and reduce your risk for heart disease. They can also help speed up your metabolism, and work well in weight control. A wonderful natural sweetness and impressive variety of nutrients makes almonds one of nature’s most perfect foods.

How to eat this wonderful stuff

  • Right out of the jar, with spoon or fingers or whatever implement you desire. Not a shovel, though. Doesn't fit. Trust me.
  • Drizzled on fruit or berries
  • On (primal) toast, breads, crepes, or ice cream
  • Atop any primal dessert
  • In smoothies of any shape or size, but then again, you'd lose that awesome crunch. Your call.

About Bliss Nut Butters, in their own words

It all started with a desire to make better nut butters, slowly, keeping all the good taste and excellent nutrition. "Our products are designed to be delicious, all-natural and to promote a healthy, active lifestyle. We use only the freshest ingredients and we support local vendors whenever possible. We understand that the food you use to fuel your body is one of your most import​ant daily decisions."

"Bliss produces all-natural nut butters using a Fresh Ground Process that preserves the integrity of the ingredients and gives the nut butters their uniquely delicious taste and texture. There are no preservatives, no additives and our nut butters are packaged in glass jars that are recyclable, sustainable, and reusable. To top it all off, Bliss Nut Butters are produced with 100% green energy."

Bliss Nut Butters are vegan, dairy free, gluten free and GMO-free!