Mushroom Jerky by Pan's, Original Flavor

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Mushroom Jerky by Pan's, Original Flavor

Welcome to the future of jerky. We've come a long way from expecting that jerky must always be red meat. Beef, elk, venison, all that stuff is so . . . 80s. Welcome to the new world of vegan jerky with all the savoriness and delicious umami flavor, without the meat. Pan's Mushroom Jerky is crafted from shiitake mushroom stems that are gently dried to tenderness and seasoned with only salt and a smidge of coconut sugar. It's everything a vegan jerky could be - no gimmicks, no fake meat flavorings. Just amazing chew and a boatload of vitamins, to boot. The tasty vegan future is now, and it is worth the wait.

For the true, true stories behind this incredible foodstuff, read on.

Try not to giggle too much when you tell your friends that your new favorite snack is "shrooms". And tell *them* not to giggle too much when you also reveal that it's vegan jerky you are falling in love with. That's right: flavorful, savory, toothsome organic Shiitake mushrooms gently dehydrated with organic coconut sugar and seasoned to enhance their umami perfection. THIS is what everyone in the Paleo world is snacking on this spring.

Sure, we sometimes make cute faces at a good 'shroom joke, but honestly shiitake mushrooms are packed with so many amazing nutrients that your body will go on its own restorative "trip" without anything strange happening in your senses. This is the best thing new in Paleo-land associated with mushrooms since elixirs; boy is it a wonderful addition to our kitchens.

Just tear open the pack and reach in for one little nibble. Mmmm, just chewy enough. Not tough in the least. In fact, each morsel is darn right tender like dried fruit. I'd place the softness somewhere around dried figs - toothy rather than yielding. Honestly, I could just chew each bite with my eyes closed and ponder their incredible texture until the whole package was gone. The subtle salt, the hint of sweet, it all comes together just right. Eat it as a snack, chop it up for a salad topping, dice it into a stir fry or a plate of cauliflower rice.

Why this mushroom jerky is so good for you

Shiitake mushroom caps and stems, time, and subtle seasonings: that's all that you'll find in the package, and all that you need to have a delicious experience better than overly stringy beef jerky, better than overly sweet teriyaki commercial recipes. Here's the low down on Shiitakes. 

Shiitake Mushrooms

While not often mentioned on the big lists of "superfoods", shiitakes should be near the top. With dozens of studies supporting their health benefits, these mushrooms are more than just a tasty whole food.

Researched benefits of shiitakes: anti-inflammatory action, cancer fighting properties, liver health, antioxidant capabilities, appetite suppression abilities, and immune-boosting effects.

Nutrients in shiitakes include: copper (one of the largest natural sources known), ALL of the B vitamins from folate to thiamin and everything in between, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, selenium, zinc, choline, and even vitamin D. Whoa!


Why, indeed. You may not realize this but mushrooms (all kinds, including shiitakes) make the world go round. They are in 40% of Western medicines (like penicillin!) and they have been researched in every possible way for thousands of years. 

Because mushrooms are so integral to clinical practices, thousands of studies have been conducted and papers have been written testifying to their incredible healing properties—to date, 1,100 papers have been published on just one single type of mushroom, of which there are more than 10,000 known varieties in North America alone.

Interestingly, most people don’t consume these healthy types of mushrooms, so adding even small amounts could lead to significant health benefits. During the last couple of generations, mushrooms have suffered from quite a bit of stereotyping from "magical" jokes to the "snootiness" of portobellos or truffles. All this despite the fact that they are suitable to almost any diet, from Paleo to vegan.

About Pan's Mushroom Jerky, in Pan's own words:

"It started out on a trip to Borneo, Malaysia where I visited family that I hadn’t seen in years. Little did I know I would discover a recipe that has been in my family for over 30 years! I found that a number of my family members were vegetarians. Because of their diet, they couldn't find vegetarian snacks that not only tasted great, but also had the texture that they desired. After trying many different ingredients, they found that mushrooms were a great replacement for meat. Not only did it have great texture, but the mushrooms were natural sources of protein, fiber, and antioxidants. After a lot of testing and of course eating, Pan's Mushroom Jerky was born. After my first piece of our homemade Mushroom Jerky recipe, I knew my family had something special that had to be shared with the rest of the world."

Who is this jerky made for? (Other than "everyone!"?)

Pan is excited to bring this flavorful and umami-rich jerky to anyone who loves a great snack: meat eaters and vegans alike, and everyone in between.