The Castaway Kitchen Keto Kit
The Castaway Kitchen Keto Kit
The Castaway Kitchen Keto Kit
The Castaway Kitchen Keto Kit
The Castaway Kitchen Keto Kit
The Castaway Kitchen Keto Kit
The Castaway Kitchen Keto Kit
The Castaway Kitchen Keto Kit
The Castaway Kitchen Keto Kit
The Castaway Kitchen Keto Kit
The Castaway Kitchen Keto Kit

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The Castaway Kitchen Keto Kit

Keto is the diet that’s changing the way the world feels about fat. No more oil blotting folks, fats are in. And they’re delicious. In ketosis, your body is burning fat much slower than it burns sugar (carbohydrates!) so keto helps you to feel sated for longer periods of time. Keto is all about becoming fat adapted and our keto guru Cristina at The Castaway Kitchen has curated a kit of all her favorite keto products. Read below to learn why each of these has a place in here keto kitchen. 

You can read more about keto on our "What is Keto?" page here. 

Here is the incredible goodness that you'll find in this Keto Snack Pack


100% Midnight Coconut Chocolate Bar by Eating Evolved 

Cultured Grass-Fed Ghee Single Serve by Tin Star Foods Ghee x 2

Salt Galatic Pastured Hog Skins by Pre Made Paleo

Perfect Keto Collagen, Chocolate by Perfect Keto

Umami Organic Pumpkin Seeds by CB's 

Artisinal Pork Cracklings, Maple Bacon, by Epic 

Wild Red Traditional Sockeye Salmon by Vital Choice 

Mayo by Primal Kitchen

Beef Tallow by Fatworks 

Organic Coconut Flour by Let's Do Organic

Olive Oil & Sea Salt SeaSnax, by Seasnax

A Note from Cristina: 

"All of these products make my keto diet better, do-able and even enjoyable! I do a dairy free, mostly nut free, paleo approach to keto. From crunchy snacks, essential fats and crave crushing, these handpicked items will help you keto on. Maximizing nutrient density and delicious factor! 
Galactic Hog Skins: Delicious, clean and a great snack. I love adding these to salads for crunch or grinding them up to bread my chicken! 
Epic Maple Bacon Pork Crackling: These lightly sweetened pork rinds are my ultimate indulgence. They hit all the spots: sweets, salty and crunchy!
SeaSnax: When you need to eat something green on the go! This nutrient-dense snack also doubles as a great wrap for sushi, chicken salad or salmon salad! 
Pumpkin Seeds: These umami flavored crunchy bits are little nutrition powerhouses. I love adding them to soups for texture. Pumpkin seeds are a great source of magnesium and zinc. 
Coconut Flour: My favorite keto flour and here's why... instead of using 2 cups of more of almond or nut flour, 1/3 cup coconut flour get the job done! 
Tin Star Ghee: The best tasting ghee now is pocket-friendly! Pack these to add to your coffee on the go, or top your chocolate with a dollop and a sprinkle of salt for the ultimate treat!
Fatworks Tallow: My favorite cooking fat. Tallow adds loads of flavor, it's high in CLA's, Vitamin A, D, E and K!
Midnight Chocolate: The cleanest chocolate bar on the planet, this unsweetened rich cacao will hit the spot for those major chocolate cravings without waking up that sugar dragon. 
Vital Choice Salmon: Wild-caught canned salmon is my favorite source of omega 3's. An affordable, fatty, delicious protein. 
Primak Kitchen Mayo: The best, healthiest mayo on the market. It's perfect every time. Make some salmon salad and wrap it up with sea snack and top with pumpkin seeds! Boom! Perfect keto meal!
Perfect Keto Chocolate Collagen: Pastured collagen protein, MCT powder, cacao and stevia... that's it! This protein supplement packs energy supplying MCT's and a delicious chocolate flavor. Mix with water and hot damn, it takes like Yoo-hoo! Not only a quality product but damn delicious too."

We've put much love, care, and consideration into the curation of this snack pack, but should there be unforeseen availability issues with certain items, we may have to make equally awesome substitutions.