Vanilla Coco-Thins by Sejoyia


Vanilla Coco-Thins by Sejoyia

Vanilla and coconut makes for quite the tasty combination to go along with the wafer-like texture. These vanillalicious treats are especially great with a glass of milk. Sejoyia bags ziplock so that you can save them for later, however, an open bag is seldom not devoured in one sitting.

For the true, true stories behind this incredible foodstuff, read on.

The other day I came back from a long and exhausting day at the office and suddenly I was struck with an irresistible urge for sweets. One side of my brain irked me on, “go for it, you deserve it!” The other side of my brain resisted, “think about how you’ll feel afterwards, it’s not worth the hurt!” It was a lose-lose situation, no matter what I did I was going to disappoint a part of me. However, there is a fix to this situation: Sejoyia Coco-Thins. Sejoyia, stands for ‘See Joy in All’ and is the perfect snack to make every part of you happy. Available in 4 equally tempting flavors, these crispy thin paleo cookies are both great tasting and great for your health.

Sejoyia Coco-Thins have nothing to hide. There’s no crazy ingredients with 15 letter names you can’t pronounce, these delicious cookies have 5-7 ingredients and they’re all listed in broad daylight on the front of the bag. Sejoyia knows that real ingredients taste good, and after snacking on these cookies, I am joining the movement!

Rather than making you crash like most cookies, Sejoyia Coco-Thins help fuel your day with healthy ingredients. In fact, every ingredient used by Sejoyia is sourced in a way that affects the earth and the community around them. Sejoyia is committed to using ingredients that not only taste great but are also amazing for you. Created from entirely wind powered sources that don’t pollute the air, Sejoyia cookies are environmentally friendly.

Why Sejoyia Coco-Thins are so good for you

Light, crispy, and sweetened in coconut, Sejoyia Coco-Thins are loaded with fiber, minerals, and vitamin-E. On top of that, the scrumptious snack is paleo certified, gluten-free, kosher, vegan, and non-GMO approved.

Here are some of the amazing ingredients in Sejoyia Coco-Thins:


Originated from the islands of Southeast Asia, coconuts are high in antioxidants giving it healing capabilities. In addition, coconuts contain medium chain fatty acids that increase fat burning and have positive effects on the mind and body.

[Cassava Flour]

Intensely rich in carbohydrates, fiber and minerals, cassava flour is a king in the healthy eating world. Products with cassava flour help to lower people’s cholesterol and increase blood flow. In addition, cassava can provide an energy boost and prevent constipation.

[Sea Salt]

What?! Sea Salt keeps us hydrated? Opposite of table salt, sea salt can actually satisfy our thirst for longer. In addition, sea salt also balances electrolytes and prevents muscle cramps. To add on to the long list of sea salt benefits, the ingredient is also used to improve digestion, regulate blood pressure, and keep your skin healthy.


Lush with vitamin-E and minerals, cashews are great for your heart, eyes, and blood. As an added plus, cashew consumption can lead to healthy weight loss.

[Coconut Sugar]

Coconut sugar has a lower glycemic index than regular sugar, meaning that it doesn’t cause your blood sugar levels to shoot up. Thus, coconut sugar is a solid substitute for table sugar.