Out with the new, in with the old.  Oh, dreaded sugar! Can't live with you, and can't live without you. Well, my good health-minded friend, not all sugars are created equal. Most of the popular ones are the bane of our bodies, and pernicious for the planet. But, unlike the modern industrial, processed varieties, there are traditional sweeteners that actually increase healthy mineral and vitamin intake. (Wait...literally, have your cake and eat it too, you say? Indeed, we do.)

We have sourced and researched and tasted our way to this collection of the sweeteners that we love to use on a limited basis, to balance a spicy curry sauce, or enhance a tangy smoothie. Why limited? Simply stated, a traditional diet did not, and should not, include much sweetening. And so, too, our delicious selections here should be used in moderation. But make the most of those rare and crave-satisfying occasions with only the highest quality, cleanest, most deep and delicious traditional sweeteners that mother earth has created for us.



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