Land, Savory Garlic Seasoning by Spice Cave

Spice Cave

Land, Savory Garlic Seasoning by Spice Cave

Is garlic your friend? Do you love to cover your steak or burgers with the hearty flavors of chilies, mustard, and onion? Heck, yes. Toss aside that bottle of "seasoning salt" and reach for Spice Cave's Land Blend. Everything that makes meat happy is in here: garlic, onion, mustard, cayenne, and wonderful pink salt. Use it freely, even if you're on Whole30. Now that's a delicious discovery. ~

For the true, true stories behind this incredible foodstuff, read on.

Seasoning and spice mixes are not for those too lazy to combine herbs and flavors on their own. Rather, these blends are pretty much the best thing invented for the home cook (after the chef's knife and the cast iron pot, of course). It makes cooking simple: just grab a blend intended for your raw ingredients, shake, and go! No fuss, no stress.

You could shake on one blend for your favorite chili, another blend for your grilling night, another on eggs, another on roasted chicken, and so on. But so many commercial seasonings are full of both obvious bad ingredients (sugar, processed salt) as well as hidden and dubious ones like anti-caking agents, msg, or artificial colors. Yuck!

That's why this blend of savory flavors from Spice Cave, called Land, is a potent garnish to keep in your pantry. It goes well with—you guessed it—beef, as well as lots of other meats from lamb to ham. The blend starts with onion and loads of garlic. Then, mellow mustard and a touch of cayenne provide backup. Just a touch of pink Himalayan salt is added for balance, but this is more of a spice blend than a seasoning salt. Perfect if you are watching your sodium consumption. And don't forget: Whole30 approved!

Why Spice Cave's spice blends are so good for you

All of the flavors are Certified Paleo and FitMenCook Approved, a standard of quality trusted by thousands who want to cook healthy and live well. The blends all include mineral-rich Pink Himalayan Salt, which helps to balance body electrolytes, supports proper nutrient absorption, eliminates toxins, balances the body’s pH, and increases circulation.

Certifications & Specifications for Spice Cave Land Blend:

Certified Paleo
Whole30 Approved
Fit Men Cook Approved
Low Sodium
No Fillers
Only Himalayan Pink Salt

Here are the amazing ingredients in the Land Blend

Garlic Powder, Onion Granules, Spices, Himalayan Pink Salt

How to use Land Blend

Does it roam the earth? This blend should be liberally sprinkled on all creatures that crawl or walk. That means beef, lamb, ham, pork, buffalo, elk, venison, and more! Combine it with Fire Blend for a bit more heat. Merge Land with Wind for the best and zestiest fillet of salmon you've ever had. The combinations are limitless.

About Spice Cave, in their own words

"Spice Cave is the brainchild of spice gurus Pete Taylor and Heather Scholten. The foodies wanted to create a spice seasoning system that was Paleo, Primal and Nutritarian friendly that still tasted incredible and wasn't loaded with sugar, salt or fillers. The two got to work on the concept in late 2014 and after months of testing, tasting and retesting they bring you Spice Cave Seasonings."