BBQ Chicken Chips by Wilde Snacks, 2.5oz

Wilde Snacks

BBQ Chicken Chips by Wilde Snacks, 2.5oz

Get your crispy on. Get your crunchy on. Get your BBQ on! Have a paleo-friendly chip snack with real tongue-tingling lightness and crunch. Forget about your old regular chips with ingredients on the not-so-healthy list, from refined oils to processed grains. Open up a bag of Chicken Chips—that's right, Chicken Chips!—and kiss your worries about ingredients good-bye! Nothing but natural chicken, coconut oil, spices, and safe paleo starch to keep your snacking on the level. Deliciously!  ~

For the true, true stories behind this incredible foodstuff, read on.

The age of overly processed snack chips is over, gone, done. Good riddance! So long, plywood-like chips in a canister. See you later, puffed veggie thing masquerading as health food. You've ALL been replaced by something savory yet light with a crispy appeal that is entirely unrivaled: Chicken Chips by Wilde Snacks.

I know what you're thinking: chicken chips?! Are these going to be like those weird chicken flavored crackers with absolutely no chicken in the ingredients list? Nope and wonderfully so.

Each chip starts with a base of real chicken with a hint of tapioca flour—a safe paleo starch—for structure and amazing mouthfeel. Then comes coconut oil for incredible richness and a nice light crunch. Oh, and the absolute best part are the unique flavors that make each bag craveable and oh-so-satisfying. My smoky-lovin' taste buds really love the Barbeque recipe. When I'm in any place that has BBQ I am going to order the most smoky thing I can find. Are you like that, too? Then you will utterly and completely fall in love with the BBQ chips. A sprinkling of sea salt is balanced and enhanced by the smoky spices. Tangy and mouth-watering all at the same time.

This is the intent of Wilde Snacks: to make irresistible yet nutritious Paleo friendly snacking chips, more diverse in flavors than standard plain "healthy" chips. Of course, there are really good paleo-friendly chips out there, made from safe starches and healthy oils. But some of them are rather simple in their flavor combinations. Wilde Snacks has taken their expertise with healthy meat and made it into your next shareable movie snack.

Why Chicken Chips by Wilde Snacks are so good for you

Without going completely fan-girl here, Wilde has hit upon a delectable combination of real high-quality ingredients, mixed with flavor combos and some love. It makes each chip both practically melt in your mouth as well as crunchy satisfyingly under each chomp. 

First, there's organic meat—chicken, of course—that comes from nothing but vegetarian-fed chickens that were raised without hormones or antibiotics. Then comes the simple yet delicious flavor combinations like BBQ (sweet and tangy), Vinegar and Sea Salt (tart and refreshing), Jalapeño, (warm and savory), and Buffalo (fiery and smoky).

Here are some of the amazing ingredients in the Chicken Chips:

Vegetarian-fed Chicken

Chicken is nutritionally quite impressive. It’s loaded with protein, low in fat, rich in vitamins and minerals, especially when the chickens are raised right. Here are some of the other awesome qualities of chicken:

  1. Chicken is an exceptionally dense source of nutrient-rich protein, which can help keep post-meal insulin levels within a desirable range.
  2. In terms of minerals, lean meats like this are particularly rich in selenium, and also contains high levels of zinc, copper, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and iron. 
  3. All B vitamins are present in chicken in highly absorbable forms.
  4. Chicken has emerged as a food associated with decreased pancreatic cancer risk
Tapioca Flour

Tapioca flour is the perfect little something extra to give these chips structure and lightness on your tongue. Without it you'd essentially have jerky: not what we are going for in these snack crisps. Tapioca is a safe paleo starch that adds just the right amount of mouthfeel without messing with your digestion. It's perfectly paired with the natural chicken and the coconut oil.

How to eat Wilde Chicken Chips:

  1. Perfect replacement for those they-say-they're-healthy-but-who-knows veggie chips while you watch anything digital and streaming
  2. In the gym bag, ready for post-workout salt cravings (and avoiding the snack bar)
  3. In your desk drawer, perfect for vending machine avoidance
  4. Buried at the bottom of your purse and then discovered accidentally in a hungry state. Yay!
  5. Tucked into a kid's lunch to soothe their craving for something crunchy that's not yet another sack of celery or carrot sticks
  6. Add your own special snacking time and enjoy these wonderful crisps

About Wilde Snacks, in their own words

"Wilde was founded on the principle that meat snacks can be healthy without falling short on taste. In 2013, our founder, Jason Wright, was training for a marathon and was always trying to get the best of both worlds with his nutrition. Animal protein from his favorite jerky and complex nutrients from traditional nutrition bars all the while keeping it portable, tasty, and easy to digest. He went as far as wrapping energy bars in jerky which, without fail, would fall apart around mile 6. Struggling to find the perfect combination of meat protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats, he reached out to his best friend Derek who happens to have a kitchen for an office. Derek, a food innovator and chef, loved the idea of creating portable healthy meat snacks. That summer they teamed up and made it their mission to create the best tasting, most innovative protein snacks possible using the best ingredients they could find. These days we hope we inspire you to live a little Wilder each day. Stay Wilde! Be Boldr!"

Here are answers to some of your most important questions!

What makes Wilde Chicken Chips so much better than something like, say, a "veggie chip"?

Good question, and one easy to answer: no high-pressure processing, no weird stuff. Wilde Chicken Chips are made from real food—chicken—with sea salt and spices. They're delicious and a high-protein way to get in some great snacking while you watch the news or your favorite streaming . . . whatever.