Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt Crackerz Snack Pack by Jilz Gluten Free
Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt Crackerz Snack Pack by Jilz Gluten Free

Jilz Gluten Free

Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt Crackerz Snack Pack by Jilz Gluten Free

Paleo can't be all bone broth and organ meats; sometimes you just gotta cut loose and eat a big handful of crunchy munchie crackers. Jilz Gluten Free has your guilt-free, seriously delicious cracker option right here. Whether your favorites were those 1980s throwback poultry-flavored wafers or the round and seeded thin planks, Jilz has figured out how to make crackers that are crispy comfort food for spreading with schmear or nibbling on their own. Simple seasonings like salt and pepper are the only thing to embellish these nutty and seedy squares of snack nirvana.  ~

For the true, true stories behind this incredible foodstuff, read on.

Nailed it! When it comes to crackers, Jilz has got this figured out. From the toothy texture, to the crunch you'll get in each bite, to the subtle spice from black pepper, each of these crackers will change the way you think about "gluten free cracker" forever. 

What are these things made out of? Nothing a paleo fan hasn't seen before: almond flour, crunchy seeds like sesame and flax, sunflower seeds and not much else. Somehow, these are different. The recipe has been perfected by the folks at Jilz Gluten Free so that you get just the right amount of flaky tenderness along with crunch and subtle seasonings that go with pretty much anything. In fact, they even go with nothing, right out of the package. 

Why Jilz crackers are so good for you

What I love about these crackers is the pedigree from top to bottom: all organic ingredients, the dedicated facility, the care and craft of Jill's recipes. She's figured this whole cracker thing out and we are all the better for it.

This is how she describes the process of creating the world's best paleo-friendly crackers, even going on the hunt for a special location to call her own and keep the whole flow as clean and controlled as possible:

"Since what I wanted in a cracker wasn’t available anywhere, I began my journey to find the perfect balance of “flavor, crisp and crunch” with few and simple ingredients. So, I leased an industrial space in Ventura, California and turned an empty warehouse into a dedicated gluten-free facility for Jilz Gluten Free Crackerz. Creating the cracker and opening the “Crackery” was just the beginning. Getting Jilz into the marketplace, onto every shelf possible and into the hands of every gluten-free-needing consumer was and continues to be the biggest and most rewarding challenge." 

Here are some of the amazing ingredients in Jilz Crackers:

Almond Flour

Almonds are naturally delicious and extremely nourishing. Healthy fats, fiber, antioxidants, calcium, zinc, selenium, copper, magnesium, manganese, tryptophan and vitamin E are just a handful of the key nutrients that make almonds so nutritious. Almonds are so nutritious — their list of benefits reads like a patent medicine bottle. They’re full of health-giving fats, like oleic acid and linoleic acid, powerful antioxidants that can protect against many forms of cancer (oleic acid can protect women against breast cancer specifically), and can also significantly lower the amount of LDL in your blood, and reduce your risk for heart disease.  Almonds can effectively improve your complexion, slow down your aging process, help improve your blood profile by reducing your LDL, build a strong immune system, prevent the onset of high blood pressure and protect you from other diseases like ADHD, asthma and osteoporosis. 

Chia Seeds

The next cracker ingredient is Chia, or Salvia Hispanica L. the ancient super food of the Aztecs who valued it more highly than gold. Chia has the highest Omega-3 nutrient source found in nature with perfectly balanced Omega 3, 6, 9 profiles and ratios. This recently revived oil seed crop is considered a perfect food because it‘s one of the few vegetarian sources of complete protein. Chia seeds are loaded with antioxidants, calcium, and other vitamins and minerals. They provide stamina, endurance and reduce cravings, because chia seeds absorb so much water and have high soluble fibre levels that help release natural, unrefined carbohydrate energy slowly into the bloodstream.

How to eat Jilz Crackers

Crackers shouldn't need too much introduction or explanation, but once you've tried a few and realized the powerful flavors, you can take them out for a spin:

  1. With a smear of grass-fed butter (wow!)
  2. The world's tastiest and flattest crouton!
  3. Dollop on egg salad plus capers for tang
  4. Invite everyone's favorite party friend: Guac. A. Moley!
  5. Top with a spread of paleo mayo and a slice of prosciutto
  6. Bacon. Sandwiches.

About Jilz Gluten Free, in Jill's own words

"I grew up in Oregon and like so many other people I was raised on the S.A.D. diet (Standard American Diet) which contains a large percentage of empty carbohydrates and processed food. I became a young mother at 16 and experienced a shocking weight gain of 75 pounds. Obesity, heart issues, diabetes and cancer are very present in my family. So, I turned to running and bicycling for most of my life because I was afraid I would end up even heavier and die young.

In spite of all my efforts to eat well and exercise, I still felt chunky until I eliminated grains from my diet in my mid 50’s. I now feel better, have more energy than ever before and finally shed the extra pounds. I adopted a Paleo way of eating and have never looked back.

I wouldn’t be here without the patience and dedication from my husband, and the support and encouragement from family, friends and all of our loyal customers. THANK YOU!!!"

Here are answers to some of your most important questions!

How long will these crackers last?

That's partly up to you! Seriously, though, these all-organic ingredients are special and nutritious from the moment they're included in this cracker recipe. For maximum freshness, refrigerate or freeze the crackers until you're ready to dig in.

Is everything organic?

About as close as one can get: the salt is not organic, but salt never is. Betcha didn't know that! All the good stuff: the almonds, the seeds, the spices are real-deal organic and awesome.