French Vanilla Creamer, Casein and Lactose Free by Know Brainer

Know Brainer

French Vanilla Creamer, Casein and Lactose Free by Know Brainer

Hotel coffee is the worst. That sad pre-measured packet of stale coffee grounds, the tiny condiment satchels . . . not the best way to wake up in the morning. But you, on this trip, have come prepared like the smart coffee drinker you are. You will take that hotel coffee brewed extra strong, and pour in a packet of Know Brainer Coffee Creamer to transform it from meh to Yeah! You'll get MCTs for your metabolism, grass-fed butter for vitamins, and real vanilla for amazing flavor. Survive hotel coffee and thrive all morning!  ~

For the true, true stories behind this incredible foodstuff, read on.

Making coffee even more awesome is something we humans are pretty good at, don't you think? First there was just coffee, plain and black. Nothing wrong with that. And then came a splash of milk, maybe a spoonful of sugar and now you're having breakfast. Cut to many years later and way too many drive-thru beverages and now it's possible to involve a 15-pound blender when making one's morning brew. A blender? Too complicated!

Let's tear open this perfectly portioned little packet, giving it a good loving massage first,  and then pour and stir it into your hot brewed cup of coffee. Oooh, those aromas! A hint of vanilla, some nuttiness, and a whole lot of rich nutritious fat. Yes, FAT. MCT oil, grass-fed butter, and coconut milk all combine to give each sip a decadence you deserve. Follow that up with real vanilla bean, a bit of almonds and cashews, and not even a bit of sugar to mess up your mood.

What happens then? Well, you'll first just simply enjoy the coffee. Once that's done, have a happy few breaths and launch into your day. You'll have a few hours of satiation, happy productivity, and mellow calm. No sugar crash, no weird energy spikes.

This creamer is filled with good stuff like Omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid, which means your coffee can even rev up your metabolism and curb cravings.  


Why Butter Coffee Creamer by Know Brainer is so good for you

Can you say multitasking? How about having your oh-so-necessary morning java along with something that helps your brain buzz along, and another extra something that helps your body run on its own fats and revs that metabolism with that MCT oil goodness. 

Here's what Know Brainer says about their oh-so-convenient squeezy pack of creamer:

"Know Brainer enhances mental clarity, supports weight wellness, and enables you to travel light. Filled with brain-boosting, metabolism-movin’, taste bud-friendly ingredients. Whether you need to kick start your busy day or enjoy a “me minute,” my nutrients will do your body and mind good."

Here are some of the amazing ingredients in Know Brainer's Butter Coffee Creamer

Grass-Fed Butter

With all the nutrients of organically-raised dairy, grass-fed butter is pretty much the most beloved fat on the planet. It comes along with Omega-3s, Vitamin D and Vitamin K to help your body get through the morning in style and with satiation. 


Give your brain a bit of a bump without anything weird going on. MCT oil helps support fat burn while sustaining healthy hormone levels and even stabilizing your mood. So it's win win win all around.

About Know Brainer, in their own words:

The story of Shari begins with a health difficulty, travels through the founding of the tasty company Two Moms in the Raw, and arrives with this nutritious creamer in your mug. Read her inspiring story here:

"Twelve years ago, I founded Two Moms in the Raw after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I relied on food to heal. As I learned about nutrition, I realized how desperately the body wants balance and wellbeing. During the past few years, I learned that I, as well as most other Americans, never received the fats their bodies require for healthy growth, energy, hormone balance, nerve and organ protection, brain and metabolic health. When my body burns fat rather than carbohydrates, also known as ketosis, balanced is restored.

And why didn’t we get the right fats? Fat has been vilified. We were told that saturated fats caused high cholesterol and disease, and to avoid it at all costs. This is certainly the case with saturated fats created from animals that eat grains (not from animals eating as nature intended). Animals raised humanely and healthily, who eat grass, in turn produce healthy saturated fats. These fats and the fats found in coconut oil are essential to our bodies, hearts, and minds.

After years of learning, gathering information, and using nutrition to heal, I have more energy than ever before and brain fog is a thing of the past. I’m now more than ready to bring another great, life changing ketogenic product to market. I am so excited to introduce Know Brainer, the thinker’s creamer, to the world."

Here are answers to some of your most important questions!

Is there sugar? 

Nope, no sweetener, no sugar to mess with your energy or your sweet tooth! Great coffee deserves only the barest of additions. Trust me, I know. All you taste is excellent coffee and the nuttiness of real butter and the subtle flavorings from vanilla or cacao or hazelnut. No need to make your morning cup have sweeteners: you're sweet enough already!

Hey! Isn't this Bulletproof Coffee?

Short answer is no, and long answer is no. But why is Know Brainer super awesome in ways that the trademarked Bulletproof® Coffee is not? Because you can take this with you. Portable, lightly flavored. Perfect.