Cappuccino Butter Coffee by Picnik



Cappuccino Butter Coffee by Picnik

Butter Coffee (also known as make-you-feel-indestructible coffee) is delicious and seriously satisfying. It's also a heck of a lot of work to get right in your own house. First there's the high-powered blender, the hot coffee, the oil, the butter . . . by the time it is blended and foamy the darn cup is not even hot anymore. Picnik of Austin has solved your conundrum by putting Butter Coffee in a bottle. Just in time for summer, take these single-serving bottles with you in the car or on a stroll and quaff the perfectly blended beverage one happy sip at a time. Your brain will thank you. ~

For the true, true stories behind this incredible foodstuff, read on.

Coffee: about as important to most of us as our pillows. Sure, you could probably learn to live without a pillow, but boy does it make life just a bit nicer. We consume coffee, and make mention of the many benefits to our habit, from simple alertness to a bevy of antioxidants in each cup. In recent years, we've found a way to level-up by making coffee BE our breakfast instead of just drinking it alongside breakfast. Adding healthy fats and a bit of protein takes coffee to the supercharge level of awesomeness. Picnik of Austin has helped by taking that magical lightning and, yes, bottling it.

Picnik is an actual coffee shop in Austin that got its start one spring about 4 years ago, right around the time of the Paleo(fx) conference happening down the road. Folks eager to enjoy excellent coffee, regardless the butter-ness of it all, streamed in and made Picnik a "thing". Now, there's multiple locations in Austin but YOU can experience it yourself, in your own happy little fists: Butter Coffee by Picnik is in bottles!!!

I love the simple cappuccino flavor with the perfect blend of milky whey and rich butter, augmented by MCT oil. Nothing more, just coffee and tongue-soothing smoothness. No additional flavorings to stand in the whey (ha!) of this full-power coffee creation.

Chill the bottle, shake it up, twist off the cap, and start sipping (or chugging) your way to a healthy breakfast. Or go the warm route and pour this bottle into a mug or simmering pan of choice and heat until steamy. This would be the best way to add just a hint of honey if you're so inclined. But like all high-quality coffee, Picnik tastes plenty great without any sweetener at all. 


Why Butter Coffee by Picnik is so good for you

Compared to hitting the drive-thru of the place with the nice green lady, this coffee gives you BANG for your 'buck. Start your day with something really amazing for your body instead of yet another syrup'd, foamed, flavored, and frapped cup of coffee. Feed it real food, real nutrients, yet still convenient and portable for the road or your coffee mug. 

Here's what Picnik says about their oh-so-convenient coffee in a bottle:

"Picnik Butter Coffee is a flavor-focused blend of the highest-quality coffee, healthy fats, and protein to help you achieve sustained levels of elevated energy, curbed appetite, increased productivity, and enhanced cognitive function. Our flavors are inspired by the best-selling blends we serve at our own Austin, Texas flagship and cafe locations.
We decided to make butter coffee easier than ever to enjoy. Now there is no need to go through the steps of making butter coffee at home or worrying about how to bring it on the go. You can simply open and enjoy."

Here are some of the amazing ingredients in Picnik's Butter Coffee

Grass-Fed Whey Protein

All the better to absorb into your muscles and tissues for rapid recovery and strength: whey protein does it all. Sourced from grass-fed cattle for a healthy you.

Grass-Fed Butter

With all the nutrients of organically-raised dairy, grass-fed butter is pretty much the most beloved fat on the planet. It comes along with Omega-3s, Vitamin D and Vitamin K to help your body get through the morning in style and with satiation. 


Give your brain a bit of a bump without anything weird going on. MCT oil helps support fat burn while sustaining healthy hormone levels and even stabilizing your mood. So it's win win win all around.

About Picnik Austin, in their own words:

We focus on better ingredients that make our customers feel and perform their very best. We fully embrace the yin and yang of why we eat: to nourish our bodies and to experience pure enjoyment. We believe in eliminating the foods that do not serve our customers health, integrating foods that positively impact our customers health, and educating our customers as to why we choose these ingredients so they can integrate these food philosophies into their own lives.

We're such huge believers in Butter Coffee's nutritional merits that we've based our entire coffee menu around it. We serve kicked-up, nutritionally-dense flavor variations to mimic standard coffee shop favorites, but with better ingredients.

We use unsalted grass-fed Irish butter to make our coffee light and creamy. This replaces a traditional splash of milk. We also include MCT oil, a supplement-strength extract of coconut oil, which tells your body to start running on fat for fuel. We blend this combination of healthy fats to help our customers achieve stabilized elevated energy levels, fat loss, a curbed appetite, increased levels of productivity and enhanced cognitive function.

Here are answers to some of your most important questions!

Is this sweetened? Whoa, why not?

Nope, no sweetener! Well, for starters, tasting that sweetness in your coffee can be the starting point for a lot of other sweet-tooth temptations. Trust me, I know. In this classic Cappuccino flavor, all you taste is excellent coffee and the nuttiness of real butter. No need to make this beverage all sugary - it has everything your need and literally nothing more.

Hey! Isn't this Bulletproof Coffee?

Short answer is no, but Butter Coffee accomplishes many of the same health benefits. Bulletproof® Coffee is a trademark of Bulletproof® Executive, which we have no affiliation with. Further, the Bulletproof® Coffee recipe does not call for whey protein. It is Picnik's recipe that includes grass-fed whey protein for even more bodily benefits from your head to your toes.