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The Paleo Mom AIP Survival Pack

This Autoimmune Protocol pack is specially curated by Sarah Ballantyne, PhD, aka The Paleo Mom, to help you through your autoimmune diet journey, without sacrificing delicious convenient foods. To say Sarah is an expert in AIP is an understatement. She's delved into thousands of scientific studies evaluating the roles of nutrients, hormones, and the bacteria in the gut in the development or prevention of autoimmune disease, and she's refined her recommendations to reflect a very thorough understanding of how the foods we eat interact with our gut barriers and influence our immune systems. But Sarah is not only one of the leading experts in the field of autoimmune disease and autoimmune diet protocol, she is also just an awesome person, a scientist, a mom and wife. We are honored to be working together to help people navigate through the challenging waters of AIP. This kit is designed to take some of the guesswork and stress out of your AIP journey, and provide some delicious snacks along the way!

Here is the incredible goodness that you'll find in The Paleo Mom AIP Survival Kit.

Grass-Fed Bison Bacon Cranberry Epic Bar by Epic

Sweet Potato Sea Salt Potato Chips by Honest Chips

Sea Salt Toasted Coconut Chips by Dang

Raw Coconut Wraps by Sunfood

Olive Oil & Sea Salt SeaSnax by SeaSnax (x2)

Wasabi SeaSnax by SeaSnax

Wild Red Traditional Canned Sockeye Salmon by Vital Choice

Sardines in Organic Olive Oil by Vital Choice

Wild Albacore Tuna with Sea Salt (in Pouch) by Vital Choice

To find a broader range of explosively delicious AIP friendly foods in the Barefoot store, visit our AIP Collection here:

We've put much love, care, and consideration into the curation of this snack pack, but should there be unforeseen availability issues with certain items, we may have to make equally awesome substitutions.


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