Watermelon Lemonade Fruit Jerky by Watermelon Road

Watermelon Road

Watermelon Lemonade Fruit Jerky by Watermelon Road

Who ever said that jerky had to be meat? Not the folks at Watermelon Road, that's for sure. I am two bites into these pink slices of dehydrated bliss, wondering how on earth the package will last long enough to even write this paragraph. Three bites now, slowly chewing on sweet watermelon, tasting the tartness of lemon. I've tried savory coconut jerky before but fruit is a whole 'nother sweet animal. Four bites. Five. I share the rest with a friend, ensuring joy times two: Watermelon Lemonade Fruit Jerky for the win. ~

For the true, true stories behind this incredible foodstuff, read on.

No one ever said jerky needs to be beef, right? For that matter, it probably doesn't even need to be meat. In the last few years we have seen amazing things like coconut jerky and superfood fruit leathers. Along comes a company called Watermelon Road. They pair fruits from watermelon to pineapple and even eggplant (yep, that's a fruit) with the simplest of accents like lime, lemon, and mint. The result is more than the sum of its paleo parts. You'll reach for nibble after bite after taste; relishing the perfect flavors and satisfying texture. 

Watermelon is nearly a sacred fruit for some folks. The potent sweetness, the hint of fiber, the way it quenches the thirst. Tasting this Watermelon Lemonade jerky is a revelation in snacking, from first bite to the last piece at the bottom of the bag. Lemon is the perfect foil for the sweetness, adding a little zing. I love how the texture changes from piece to piece: some are almost leathery with chew while others have a softness that melts into delight.

The Watermelon Road Story:

"All roads lead to happy-especially when snacking is involved! At Watermelon Road happy and healthy go hand in hand. So whether you're deciding between one of our sweet or savory snacks, you never need to worry about taking a wrong turn.

Our unique snacks start with the highest quality fresh fruits and veggies that are lightly flavored with natural citrus, herbs, and spices-and most importantly, nothing else! We then gently dehydrate our snacks to preserve the most nutrients and flavor. Each small batch is prepared by hand, from our family to yours."

    Questions? We know you've got 'em! Here are answers!

    Are there sweeteners in this fruit jerky?

    Darn tootin' that's a big NO. Only the sweetness from fruits and a touch of seasonings make up these fruit jerkies. Woohoo!

    Is Watermelon Road jerky vegan-friendly?

    YES! Enjoy your fruit jerky with complete satisfaction for your plant based life.