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Paleo Resources

Where to start? Going paleo/primal is a journey. Here are some of our favorite guides to help you along the way:

The biological and historical foundations of paleo

Start here if you want a deep and fascinating introduction to the biological / historical foundations of paleo. If you love history and science, read these now!

Primal Body, Primal Mind
  The Story of the Human...
Deep Nutrition
The Paleo Manifesto
The Primal Blueprint
Your Personal Paleo Code
The Paleo Solution
The Primal Connection
Paleo Fitness
Nom Nom Paleo
Well Fed
Practical Paleo

You'll want to keep up to date with all these folks online (there are more, but start here).

Nom Nom Paleo

Food Renegade

The Paleo Mom

Everyday Paleo

Paleo Hacks


We still love a good paper magazine (though it's available digitally too)

      Paleo magazine                     Paleo magazine online


These conferences will overwhelm you with new information, in a good way. Plus, you've never seen so much minimalist footwear all in the same place before.


Ancestral Health Symposium