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Refer a Friend

Be wise, and turn your friends and family on to our awesome products here at Barefoot. They'll "discover" our yummy and healthy, consciously curated foods, and you'll get all the credit. Oh, and we'll throw in a $5 bonus for your effort. It's a win win, plus five.

So every time you recommend someone who then uses our store, you get a $5 coupon. If you recommend five friends, who in turn use our store, then you get $25. Ten friends equals $50, and, well, you know what 100 friends means! Plus, to help your friends get started. we give them a 10% off coupon they can use for their first order. Wow, so it's a win win, plus five, plus ten...or something like that. Pretty sweet, huh? But not sweet like the processed sugars that we don't dig on here at Barefoot.

The rewards program is really simple to use. Once you place an order, you'll see a screen like this in your browser:











You can enter in any email addresses, or post directly from here to Facebook and Twitter. 
(You'll also be able to do this from your order confirmation email, too.) When your friend
or family member follows your link to our store, they will see a screen like this:











Once they enter their address, that completes the loop. If any of your friends or family
members decide to use the 10% off coupon you send them, you'll get your loyalty reward immediately. 

So try it out and let us know what you think.

Think of it as the reward for going barefoot, or the Barefoot Rewards.

Go Barefoot!