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Anti-Microbial Copper Tongue Scraper by The Dirt

"Hey, Lenny. Say, your breath is exceptionally splendid today." "Why, thanks, Bruce. That's mighty kind of ya. Can I tell you a secret?" "Certainly, my friend." "Okay, but this is kind of embarassing. Every single day I go into my girlfriend's medicine cabinet, take this copper thingie that she uses on her tongue, and I drag that bugger down *my* tongue. I can't help myself. It feels awesome and random people compliment me on my breath all the time. Please don't tell her." "No worries, Lenny my pal." Now, Lenny might be in the doghouse with his lady, but you can have his bodacious breath with the Anti-Microbial Copper Tongue Scraper from our friends at The Dirt.  ~

For the true, true stories behind this incredible mouth device, read on.

Tongue scraping is certainly not the strange practice it might have seemed a decade ago. With lots of offerings in stores from healthy markets to the lowly drugstore on the corner, you can buy tongue scrapers in every material and color the mind can imagine. Plastic, steel, white, pink, green, wood, curved, fringed, you name it. And yet, they could be better. Much, much better.

Let's start with the mechanics of tongue scraping. What's happening is the very top layer of your tongue has a little bit of extra gunk, even after brushing. Run a scraper over it, ever so gently, and immediately feel that bonus level of clean. Rinse off your scraper and back in the cabinet it goes until tomorrow. But what happens overnight? Any old plastic scraper might have some residue still on it. Ick. 

Let's think about the amazing qualities of copper. It's easy to clean, feels cool on the tongue, and has some built-in abilities plastic just can't match. The Anti-Microbial Copper Tongue Scraper from The Dirt is all over that non-disposable side of the game. Its copper has natural antimicrobial effects on tissues, adding a level of cleanliness that enhances the performance of the actual tongue scraping, as well as what happens after you put it away for the night. Call it a bonus, a sweet extra gift from The Dirt.

Why a copper tongue scraper is so good for your whole oral space!

Take fresh breath to the next level. Our copper tongue scraper removes the gunk that brushing alone simply cannot. Why copper? Various forms of copper have been used for medicinal purposes throughout the history of mankind, the Egyptians used copper for their water pipes, ship builders used copper to keep algae off ships, copper has recently been tested in the fight against the deadly MRSA virus.

While we hope you aren't fighting a MRSA outbreak in your mouth, a copper tongue scraper will drastically reduce the amount of bacteria living rent free on your tongue! After all, no one likes freeloaders.

Here is the ONLY ingredient in The Dirt's tongue scraper:


From the Egyptians and Romans to modern times, humanity has been using copper for its anti-microbial and sanitary properties. One of only two "colored" metals, copper naturally patinas with age turning it a brassy blue green. It makes the anti-microbial tongue scraper naturally healthy and functional. 

How to use this Copper Tongue Scraper:

After brushing, take the scraper and hold it by the looped ends. Place it on the back of your tongue as far as is comfortable and gently pull forward. That's it. Rinse it off and call it a night.

About The Dirt, in their own words

Here's how Shannon, the Founder, describes the origins of The Dirt:

I've been a long time practitioner of the paleo lifestyle. After sticking to an extremely healthy routine for over a year  I started to notice something about my favorite natural products... They kinda sucked. I felt let down, many used ingredients that were highly processed, questionably safe and just seemed 'green washed'.
Using the principals of the paleo lifestyle; a 'whole foods' life style, clean eating and high nutrients I drew inspiration from my passion for studying traditional beauty secrets from around the world. I blended potion after potion until the ultimate formulas were created. 'The Dirt' Paleo Personal Care was born!

I know you'll love 'The Dirt's products! Grab a jar and get dirty with me!

"The Dirt Paleo Personal Care was founded to start a revolution. 

We were not satisfied with the natural product lines on the market, many a 'green washed' to look much safer than they actually are and most use soy or corn byproducts which are cheap and unnecessary fillers. We demand more!

All of our products are Soy Free, Corn Free, Gluten Free, Grain Free, Cruelty Free and Natural. We don't use fillers, ever! Our essential oil blends are formulated to preform not just smell good (Sorry other guys). Everything about our product blends is intentional... and awesome. Because, why should your healthy lifestyle stop at your plate? Fix your face! The dirt is 100% natural 200% kick-ass."

Even more about Anti-Microbial Copper Tongue Scraper, from Shannon of The Dirt!

Shannon from The Dirt waxes poetic about copper

Here are answers to some of your most important questions!

Are any of The Dirt's products Vegan?

SOME of our products are vegan. Being a company based on paleo lifestyle guidelines we feel there are certain animal products that are too beneficial to leave out such as organic bees wax and ghee. We are VERY concerned about the well being of our animal friends and only use cruelty free products from suppliers who care about their animals. On that note we beg you, please only buy organic honey! Read about the plight of our bee friends by doing a few good internet searches.