Argentinian Chimichurri Sauce by Elvio's


Argentinian Chimichurri Sauce by Elvio's

What's awesome? An Argentinian steak. What's even better? Any steak with a smear of Argentinian chimichurri sauce to brighten up each bite with richness and zing. Chimmee-whatee? From the South American continent comes this decadent finishing sauce made from fresh herbs, chili peppers, and olive oil. Chimichurri is as useful as pesto, but brighter, zippier, and bolder. Elvio's Chimichurri is "gaucho style" with a bit of peppery kick not commonly found in Argentina and oodles of flavor from fresh garlic and parsley. You'll put it on steak. On eggs. On chicken. On sausage. On bacon!? Your call. ~

For the true, true stories behind this incredible foodstuff, read on.

Chimi-whatee? Say this: chimmy-churry. Basically, there's no one chimichurri; every family has their own favorite. I know families with their own favorite spin on chicken soup or fried rice or even barbecue sauce. Same thing with this magical sauce called chimichurri. It starts with fresh herbs like garlic and parsley, then salt and good oil are used to bind and preserve everything together. Some recipes are spicy, some are not. But in Argentina, you put chimichurri on everything, so having a good recipe or go-to brand is key.  

The story of chimichurri, as told by Elvio's daughter Ailin: "The origins of the word “chimichurri” are mysterious. Perhaps the most convincing theory is that it was brought by Basque settlers to Argentina in the early 1800’s. The name derives from the Basque word tximitxurri – which roughly translates as “a mixture of several things in no particular order.” My Basque grandmother, a gifted artist with both a ladle and paintbrush, agrees with this argument."

When I put this sauce on my scrambled eggs for dinner tonight, those eggs started singing a whole octave higher on my tongue: the bright perky vinegar and the musky parsley came through loud and clear, with the mellow olive oil smoothing out the light chili spice. Sriracha just got demoted. Sorry, rooster!

Why Elvio's Chimichurri is so good for you

Simplicity. Just olive oil, fresh parsley, garlic, chilies, vinegar, and salt. Boom. You get all of that freshness in each little drizzle.

Each bottle is handcrafted in small batches to ensure superb quality and taste. Elvio himself locally sources fresh parsley and garlic early every morning, directly from surrounding farms outside of Los Angeles. The highest quality of olive oil, along with fresh imported Argentine spices add that special flare to each jar. Of course the secret ingredient is 100% organic love. 

Elvio's Chimichurri is Certified Paleo, a standard of quality trusted by thousands of paleo'ers. Not just Paleo, this chimichurri is Non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan.

Here are the amazing ingredients in the Chimichurri

Fresh Parsley, Garlic, Olive Oil, Vinegar, Crushed Red Pepper, Salt, Spices

How to use Elvio's Chimichurri

Chimichurri is made for protein. Beef, chicken, pork, lamb, venison, eggs, beans, you name it. Everything goes well with this versatile condiment. Does whatever you're cooking taste better with garlic and parsley? Then drizzle this stuff on! 

Honestly, it even goes well with (shhhhh!) RICE. How about some savory fried rice with eggs, a few veggies, and a big spoonful of chimichurri? Serious perfection. 

About Elvio's, in their own words

"ELVIO’S CHIMICHURRI was born two generations ago, on the Argentine Pampas. Grandpa Ignacio went on cattle drives every spring with other gauchos who agreed everything tasted better with his rustic chimichurri. ELVIO inherited Ignacio’s recipe, improved it with a secret twist, and brought it to Los Angeles in 1974.

Chimichurri is synonymous with traditional Argentine culture. For us, chimi is communal, a permanent fixture on the dining table; shared between generations from all walks of life. It’s shared experience exudes energy & love, transforming even the simplest of meals into memorable experiences. After I moved from Los Angeles to New York City in 2005, my dad would ship his chimichurri, sometimes a dozen jars at a time. I’ve given jars as gifts to friends around the world for years; like us, they’ve become addicts. ELVIO makes his CHIMI out of love: love for his family, for good food, for his Argentine heritage. After much encouragement from our extended family and friends, I quit my corporate job, joined forces with my family, and am so happy to bring it from our table to yours."