Blueberry Lemon Sunflower Bar by IQ Bar

IQ Bar

Blueberry Lemon Sunflower Bar by IQ Bar

Talk about a bar to start your day off right! Essentially a blueberry muffin and lemon madeleine infused into a crunchy yet smooth concoction of pure deliciousness, this bar is sure to jumpstart your day. You’ll be surprised at the positive effects this sweet tasting bar provides, because most bars this sweet are simply not this good for you.

For the true, true stories behind this incredible foodstuff, read on.


The perceptions of what snack bars can provide have changed immensely throughout the years. Up until the 1960s bars were used simply for flavor and hunger relief. This is when “Space Food Sticks” burst onto the scene promoting the nutritional value and energy boost the bar provided. In 1986 Power Bars introduced the idea of a protein bar, used to provide athletes with necessary supplements for peak physical performance. Fast forward to 2017 whence a new revolutionary bar was introduced to the world: IQ Bars. An innovative assortment of functional nutrients, plant-based protein and net carbohydrates, IQ Bars stimulate the brain keeping you focused and alert at all times.

Harvard alum Will Nitze founded IQ Bars with the desire to fix the “struggle to stay sharp”. IQ Bars maintain mental stamina and focus, provide numerous health benefits, and are one of the best tasting protein bars on the market. Unlike many protein bars that stick to your teeth and cause discomfort, IQ Bars allow for ease of consumption. With a subtle crunch, smooth teeth sinking texture, and three incredible flavors, IQ Bars make eating healthy easy. But how do IQ bars taste so great without the use of sugars that are detrimental to your health? They use added sugar from allulose, a rare sugar with no influence on your blood sugar. In addition, each bar is a versatile option across diets; IQ bars are vegan, keto, paleo and kosher friendly, and gluten, soy, and dairy free!

Why IQ Bar is so good for you

Everyone has heard the old saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. But what if there was an “apple” that could enhance your focus by fueling your brain, provide you with plant-based protein, and reduce fatigue on top of staying healthy. Is that an idea you can get behind? IQ bars halt mental fatigue and focus with a healthy assortment of ingredients that not only do this, but also work to fight bacteria and make you feel good!

Here are some of the amazing ingredients in IQBAR:

[Lion's Mane Extract}

In the popular Super Mario and Mario Kart video game series, mushrooms are used to boost characters capabilities to give them the edge against the competition. The usage of mushrooms as a power boosting source is certainly no coincidence. IQ bars are packed with lion’s mane extract, the mighty mushroom that enhances your ability to focus and keep sharp. Lion’s mane extract gets you in the zone and keeps your thoughts on the task at hand.


Not only are Omega-3s magnificent at preventing heart disease, they are also a brain boosting powerhouse. Omega-3s are sufficient at stopping mild memory loss at the source keeping your brain locked into any big test or presentation you may need to tackle.


As a main ingredient in almost all fruits and vegetables, it’s no surprise that flavonoids have a wide-variety of immune system and anti-inflammatory benefits. Flavonoids also keep you sharp by increasing the flow of blood to the brain.


The protector of cells: Vitamin-E fights off free radicals attempting to damage cell membranes. It is important to get your daily dose of vitamin-e to defend against free radicals that can cause diseases such as cardiovascular and inflammatory disease, cataract, and cancer


Amazing for both blood flow and healthy brain function, magnesium a nutrient that is essential in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Magnesium is credited with boosting learning and pattern recognition.

[Prebiotic Fiber]

As studies have shown, there is a direct correlation between slimmer waistlines/lower blood glucose levels and memory recall. Prebiotic fiber works to achieve this which is another reason IQ bars are so good for you.