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Camille's Not Yo' Ordinary Snack Kit

Whoever said you had to had to give up snacking when you went paleo definitely hadn’t stumbled upon Camille's hand-picked Paleo Snacking Kit. These ARE NOT the kinds of snacks you’ll find at the supermarket, nope. These are made with healthy, unadulterated oils, natural sugars, and are grain, chemical, filler, nasty crap-free. Don’t let that fool you, though. They are as delicious as anything crafted in Camille’s Paleo Kitchen and portably packaged for your life on the go! I included things you’ve probably never had...Galactic Hog Skins, Pili Nuts and 3 kinds of meat snacks are OUT OF THIS WORLD (and a great choice for low-carb snacking). The plantain and sweet potato chips are nice and crunchy, but cooked in oil that won’t inflame your cells or clog your arteries. And then there are the sweets, made with things like honey, maple syrup and coconut. With this kit, you can finally have your cake and eat it, too :)

Here is the incredible goodness that you'll find in Camille's Not Yo' Ordinary Snack Kit:

Pili Nuts by Hunter Gatherer Foods

Grass-Fed Bison Bacon Cranberry by EPIC 

Grass-Fed Beef Snack Sticks by Nick's Sticks

Sea Salt Plantain Strips by Artisan Tropic

Coconut Shortbread ONA Cookies by WB Kitchen 

Dark Chocolate Almond Bar by Primal Kitchen 

Organic Mint Patties by Heavenly Organics

Chicken Sesame BBQ EPIC Bites by EPIC

Organic Chocolate Almonds by Sunbiotics

Galactic Pastured Hog Skins by Pre-Made Paleo 

Double Dark Chocolate Honey Patties by Heavenly Organics

Sweet Potato Sea Salt Chips by Jackson's Honest Chips

We've put much love, care, and consideration into the curation of this snack pack, but should there be unforeseen availability issues with certain items, we may have to make equally awesome substitutions.

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