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Camille's Paleogasmic Pantry Kit

Being successful transitioning to paleo comes down to 2 things: being prepared and having the right ingredients. You’ve heard Camille of Paleo Kitchen TV say time and again to stock your pantry with paleo-friendly items so you always have something in the house to eat. The things on Camille's Paleogasm Starters Guide list can be found in many supermarkets, but there is another land of delicious paleo ingredients to lay the foundation for your meals: cassava flour, when mixed with just a couple ingredients make tortillas that rival wheat. Duck fat, when used for frying make french and sweet potato fries so succulent you will forget the artery-clogging fries of days past. REAL bone broth, salad dressing and mayo, nothing like the ones you will find at the store: savory, delicious, and superfoods to boot. With these items in your pantry, going out to eat just won’t make sense when your kitchen is so full of epic things to start your meal.  

Here is the incredible goodness that you'll find in Camille's Paleogasmic Pantry Kit:

Cassava Flour by Otto's Naturals

Organic Free Range Chicken Fat by Fatworks

Organic Raw Wild Himalayan White Honey by Heavenly Organics 

Grass-Fed Organic Ghee by Pure Indian Foods

Beef Bone Broth by Kettle & Fire

Avocado Oil Mayo by Primal Kitchen 

Greek Vinaigrette by Primal Kitchen 

Grain Free Baking Mix by California Country Gal 

Uncured Hickory Bacon Bits by EPIC

We've put much love, care, and consideration into the curation of this snack pack, but should there be unforeseen availability issues with certain items, we may have to make equally awesome substitutions.

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