Carrot Spice Cake by Nush


Carrot Spice Cake by Nush

Growing up, we had to enjoy our vegetables before we got to dessert. But then, the course of history was forever disrupted when someone BRILLIANT decided to combine vegetables and dessert. The result: carrot cake! (And yes, a carrot is a vegetable - Google it!)

The course of history has, yet again, been forever disrupted, with Nush revamping and releasing their version of carrot cake, with just 3 grams of net carbs and 1 gram of sugar.

So, at Barefoot Provisions, we believe you CAN have your cake and eat it too, especially with Nush's Carrot Spice Cake!

For the true, true stories behind this incredible foodstuff, read on.

I'm a sucker for the light, fluffy, and flaky texture that this Carrot Spice Cake has to offer. The organic allspice greets you as you're going in for the first bite, melting in your mouth, coming back for more. The softened walnuts invite a subtle crunch and provide even more healthy fats, keeping you satiated all day long. Nush is here to stop the sugar-and-carb roller coaster—because roller coasters are meant for amusement parks, not your diet!

I go for my Nush Carrot Spice Cake in the afternoon, about an hour after I've enjoyed my lunch. It keeps me full and focused for the rest of my day, especially since walnuts are chief nut in the nut kingdom, known for their extraordinary brain health benefits.

Nush is a crossover between a cake and a bar. So, it's a bake! Or, is it a car? We support whatever word you choose to describe it, as long as you love 'em just as much as we do!

Getting Wrapped up in the Facts

"it's breakfast on the go, it's a great little snack, it's maybe even dessert, but it's not sugar."

Here are the amazing ingredients in this Blueberry Cake


Flax seeds got it going on. Argued as one of the most powerful plant foods on the planet, flax seeds may reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes. Loaded with Omega-3 essential fatty acids, better known as the good kind of fat, you'll feel fuller, longer. The icing on the cake (no pun intended)? Flax seeds are full of fiber, both soluble and insoluble. That makes us want to go... enjoy another cake!


Coconut oil is on-trend. Seen everywhere from body butters to coffee creamers, coconut oil is the latest and greatest superfood. Coconut oil helps raise the good HDL cholesterol in your blood, which reduces your risk for heart disease.


Did you know that rabbits don't actually eat carrots in the wild? Blame Bugs Bunny! Carrots, while not so great for rabbits, are excellent for your vision, since they are full of vitamin A. Carrots also help maintain your digestive health, regulate blood sugar, and boost your immune system.


Walnuts are outrageously awesome nuts, and even better when you get to enjoy them in cake! Walnuts, known for their brain function and memory boosting properties, are excellent for heart health and weight control. Add in some antioxidants and you have your next bulk-food buy!


The first question I had was "What's all of the spices in allspice?" It smells like a mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. Turns out, allspice is one-spice. Allspice is made from dried pimenta fruit, which ends up looking a lot like peppercorns. Allspice is known for its anti-inflammatory and circulation boosting properties.

How to enjoy NUSH

It's simple: peel back the wrapper, unload the Nush from its tray and NOSH!

We let our Nush Cakes take a chill in the refrigerator before enjoying. Try it out!

About NUSH, in their own words

"Muffy Mead-Ferro knew her whole family would be healthier if they ate less sugar and fewer carbs. But as the primary grocery shopper, it was hard to find prepared foods that weren't full of sugar and carbs. And let's face it, we need prepared foods to live this nutty life we live. We're on the run sometimes! Especially in the morning, right? So she started baking. Tasting. Researching. And baking some more. Eventually what came out of the oven was a new company: nush."

Muffy and her partner Dave have paved the way for all of us to enjoy just a little more cake (or maybe a lot—it's damn good!).


Here are answers to some of your most important questions! 

Yes! Nush Blueberry Cake is gluten-free!

Yes! Nush Blueberry Cake is Kosher!

Heads up: these contain eggs.

Heads up: these contain organic erythritol.