Chili Garlic Sauce by Yai's Thai
Chili Garlic Sauce by Yai's Thai

Yai's Thai

Chili Garlic Sauce by Yai's Thai

The fridge door needs just a tiny bit more room for this bottle of golden heat. Yai's Chili Garlic Sauce has joined my hot sauce rotation and it will stay there, probably forever. Why? Start with great ingredients like fresh Thai chilis and heaps of garlic. The flavor doesn't get too vinegary-tart, either, keeping a perfect balance between all of the flavors, just like good Thai food should do. When you open this bottle and start deploying the magic, it brightens up dishes from grilled meats to chocolate. Ok, maybe not the last thing. But you never know.... Now I'm going to have to go try this. ~ 

For the true, true stories behind this incredible foodstuff, read on.

Condiments make the world go 'round. Why else would every single bachelor on the planet run out of every bit of food long before they run out of condiments? Because condiments are tasty and last nearly forever. They brighten up nearly any dish your kitchen can turn out, whether roasted potatoes or scrambled eggs or anything in between.

And then there's hot sauce. Oh, to be a hot sauce lover in these days. So many wonderful things to choose from, and almost NONE of them Whole30 approved. Right? But along comes Yai's Thai with this straight-up chili hot sauce with heat like you expect and a nod of the head from the paleo folks, too. No more wondering what strange thing is in your favorite bottle of orange flames.

Nothing that's not needed is in here. There's Thai chilis, of course. Then a bit of vinegar to keep things lively, and garlic, lime juice, shallots, salt, and a touch of sunflower oil to mellow out the brew. All told, this is a simple and simply delicious sauce you'll be happy to put on everything you put on your plate.

Why Yai's Chili Garlic Sauce is so amazing

Every time I open the bottle and get ready for a dash, the scent puts my hunger on overdrive. The heat is just right for most people who love spice. Good and warm, with a touch of vinegar to keep everything in balance. 

Here are some of the amazing ingredients in Yai's Chili Garlic Sauce:


    Potent, delicious, and a great antioxidant. Garlic is definitely good for more than just vampires.

    Thai Chilis

    Just enough spice to bring this sauce up to a solid medium/hot level. For true chile-heads it's closer to medium, but just about everyone else will find this condiment at a nice toasty glow. 

    How to enjoy your Yai's Chili Garlic Sauce:

    Guess what? First, you can start with the fact that it is a HOT SAUCE. You know what to do. Just make sure you share with all of your favorite spice aficionados! It works wonders when added to a little grilled meat or fish, or tossed in with a fresh salad. But it only gets more interesting from there:

    1. Add to guacamole
    2. Smear over a little wedge of raw cheese
    3. Put a drop on a square of dark chocolate.  
    4. Drizzle over some steak skewers - serious yum.

    About Yai's Thai, in their own words

    From the founders, Leland Copenhagen and Sarah Hughes: "We created Yai's Thai in 2015 with the intention of making every meal an adventure. We draw our inspiration from traditional Thai recipes passed down from Leland's Yai (Thai for grandmother), and adhere to the Thai custom of letting each ingredient's flavors shine, without adding anything artificial or unnecessary.

    Our Thai Salsa is the product that got us started, and gave us the whole idea for Yai's Thai. Leland's mom makes a killer dish, Thai Salmon Salad, which is unlike anything we've seen served in Americanized Thai restaurants. While Leland was learning to make the recipe, Sarah had been frequently tossing together fresh pico de gallo, and the similarities between the two sparked the idea. We made the "salmon salad" without the salmon, ate it with a tortilla chip, and knew we were on to something. We envisioned bringing Thai flavors into the home in a completely new way: through salsa.

    From there, we came to realize the values that Thai customs can offer beyond just the flavors themselves. In Thai culture, food is a central aspect of everyday life that brings people together for a lively experience. Our products make it easy to bring that vibrant flavor and excitement to every meal, and to experience food as an adventure."

    Here are answers to some of your most important questions!

    Are Yai's Thai products Paleo-friendly?

    Yes, and more. All Yai's Thai sauces and salsas are Whole30 compliant, as well. Hot dawg!

    Anything else cool I should know about Yai's Thai?

    Actually, yes. Yai's Thai is a part of One Percent For The Planet, an organization founded by Yvon Chouinard of Patagonia to help businesses commit part of their income to causes that support the planet's wellbeing. That's pretty solid. Bravo, Yai's!