Cocoa Noshes by Buck What!
Cocoa Noshes by Buck What!

Buck What!

Cocoa Noshes by Buck What!

This is a tasty little healthy snack for the chocoholic in you!  It's a delicious blend of rich cocoa, buckwheat, sweet dates and a hint of cinnamon. Perfect as a breakfast on the go, pre/post workout snack or even healthy dessert! This tasty paleo treat makes a great breakfast or snack on the go, pre/post workout snack, or even healthy dessert! There's no sugar added, and it's  Vegan - Non-GMO - Gluten free - Kosher.

Buckwheat-The Super Star

More commonly known as a type of pancake, there are actually many more ways to enjoy this super food. Buckwheat, despite its name is naturally gluten free. It is seed. Besides its gluten free super powers, buckwheat is also a complete plant based protein. (only one of five naturally occurring), a good source of fiber, low on the glycemic scale, and loaded with minerals such as zinc and magnesium. It also happens to be highly sustainable. So not only does that mean its great for the Earth, but it also means it never gets sprayed with pesticides. We should ALL EAT MORE BUCKWHEAT.
BuckWHAT Foods makes it super convenient and to incorporate this super food into your diet.
BuckWHAT Noshes are a delicious grab and go snack made with buckwheat, only 5 to 7 real food ingredients one would find in their pantry, and no added sugar. We use nature's candy-dates, to sweeten our delicious bites. 
We have three ideas we live by: buckwheat, real ingredients, no added sugar. 
Each ingredient provides its own nutritional benefit. That means that BuckWHAT Noshes are really good for you!!
Ways to enjoy: 
-Breakfast on the go. Pair a bag of Noshes with your favorite smoothie, coffee, or green juice, and you have yourself a super great breakfast on the go. 
-Pre/Post workout: BuckWHAT Noshes provide all the elements your body needs to fuel you for a great workout, or replenish your body with nutrients after. Just good clean energy
-A healthy dessert: That's right-you can give into your sweet tooth and not your sugar addiction. In fact, Cocoa Noshes are a great way to wean yourself off of sugar. Any time you crave something sweet, have a Cocoa Nosh. In just a few days, you will not be craving any processed sugar. 
BuckWHAT Noshes are also great in a lunch box since they are completely nut free!!