Hickory Smoked Pork Snack Stick with Uncured Bacon by Roam Sticks
Hickory Smoked Pork Snack Stick with Uncured Bacon by Roam Sticks

Roam Sticks

Hickory Smoked Pork Snack Stick with Uncured Bacon by Roam Sticks

Amazing taste happens naturally when your ingredients are impeccably sourced and well-cared after from day one. That kind of taste is stuffed into each and every Roam Stick, bite by porky bite. They can inspire thoughts of green pastures, or evoke the wafting scent of bacon slowly cooking to a perfect crisp, or tickle your tastebuds with smoky maple goodness. All of it is here, all of it from pigs that roam free, just like they should.  ~

For the true, true stories behind this incredible foodstuff, read on.

Snack sticks appeal to pretty much all of us. Frankly, they're the perfect mix of what we crave: salty, meaty, sometimes a bit sweet, always satisfying. But most snack sticks out there have those lovely red casings, so vibrant and . . . fake. You see, by trying so hard to send the message of big flavor by using big color, they often use an artificial dye that is not listed on the ingredients (and it's totally legal). Yeek. 

Here's something you can feel amazing about eating: sticks made of pastured pork, raised with real food and no antibiotics, smoked with real hickory wood and touched with the hint of maple. They are cased in collagen—no dye—and naturally fermented with lactic acid starter for just the right amount of tang and enhanced nutrition. The tiniest amount of dextrose is added to get the fermentation going, but it is consumed in the process, leaving behind no sugar for your system to digest. That's pretty sweet.

Basically, these sticks have it all. I have tasted a LOT of snack sticks. Beef, pork, turkey, elk, combinations of all of the above. Paleo, sort of non-paleo, SUPER non-paleo, all of the above. But Roam Sticks are doing something magical. Their taste is clean yet complex, balanced yet strong in the right ways. Try one (or several) and you'll get it.

Why Roam Sticks Pork Snacks are so good for you

From the ground up, these snack sticks are built to be awesome. Humanely raised pork. Natural casings. Real wood smoke. No additives. No weird stuff. Everything is melded together in a way that would make Tony Bourdain quiver just a bit and utter his favorite phrase on earth, "meat in tube form".

According to the folks at Roam, this is how a pig's life goes on their farm: "Our pigs eat organic kale and turnips, grass, clover, acorns and 100% non-gmo grain. They have their babies under oak trees and spend their days in the dreamy contentment that only fat, happy pigs know."

Here are some of the amazing ingredients in Roam Sticks:

Natural Pork

Pork raised on grass has increased Vitamin E, Beta-carotene, and Vitamin C. This is passed on to the animal from the great food they eat, and the sunshine that they roam around in. From that sun, it's no accident that this pork's Vitamin D levels are higher as well.

And... pastured pork is higher in Omega-3. This helps us to correct the imbalance most of us have with Omega-6 in our diets, bringing Omega-3 back in alignment and reducing risk of heart disease and cancer. 

How to enjoy Roam Sticks:

Pack them in your lunch, your pocket, your gym bag, 

Add sliced pieces to a salad, a pizza, stir fry, cauliflower fried rice, scrambled eggs, whatever strikes your porky fancy. 

Roam Sticks' story, in their own words

Our founding Farmer, John Arbuckle, and Co-Founder, Holly Arbuckle, started Roam Sticks because we wanted to make a snack we could feel great about giving to our kids. But of course, it didn't really start there. First we met, dated, explored and eventually married and had kids based on a mutual founding principal. Life should be fun...the kind of fun that comes from doing things that make you feel alive. So we rafted, climbed, hiked our way through our younger years, til we switched over to the bigger adventure of raising children, a garden, and pasture raised animals.

We set out to make a snack stick that not only tastes awesome, but is also better for the animals, your health, and the land. The result is Roam Sticks. The only non-GMO, pasture-raised pork snack stick on the market. It's easy to grab and throw in a lunchbox or backpack. We still love to get outside, play and have fun with healthy snacks to fuel the adventure. We hope that Roam Sticks inspire you to grab a snack and Get your Roam On!

Roam Sticks' commitment to sustainable farming

John is a 9th generation (!) farmer. He was a mountain climber, raft guide, and environmental educator before returning to his roots of farming. He has also been an organic vegetable farmer and raised pastured broiler chickens, egg laying chickens, turkeys, cows and sheep in addition to pigs. His greatest passion is regenerative (pasture based) agriculture to heal the land.

Answers to all your questions

What's with the dextrose?

Basically, in order for something to ferment (including such deliciousness as kombucha and yogurt), there needs to be something for the culture to eat. And that means sugar. So these sticks are seeded with a tiny bit of dextrose to let the lactic acid starter culture to get itself all hopped up and growing. By the time the sticks are ready, the dextrose is all but gone. Nifty.

Are these sticks paleo?

Yes! Absolutely. Nothing weird, nothing artificial, nothing processed. Just meat, salt, spices, and time. And a little smoke and maple. And fruit. 

How much organic kale and turnip did John plant for his pigs to graze on last year? 

120,000 pounds!!!!! Happy, healthy pigs here, folks.