Legit Grain Free Bread Mix by Legit Bread Company
Legit Grain Free Bread Mix by Legit Bread Company

Legit Bread Company

Legit Grain Free Bread Mix by Legit Bread Company

Leave it up to the Earle of Sandwich to leave you, the paleo eater, lost and forlorn, wondering if you'll ever see a proper tuna melt or Club sandwich again. However, there's a contender: a new and perfected bread mix as delectable as any wheat-based homemade loaf but with none of the tummy troubles. It slices like you expect, it smells like you expect, and boy howdy does it toast like you expect. Called Legit Bread, it combines grain-free flours into an easy and quick mix that you can make at home in just minutes. Start eating warm slices of bread (with grass-fed butter if you choose deliciousness) in an hour. How's that for simple? ~ 

For the true, true stories behind this incredible foodstuff, read on.

Gluten serves a really specific purpose in bread, giving structure and stretch. Replicating that without gluten is a tricky proposition. However when your end goal is to stack up a nice fistful of sammich, or to just have a crispy piece of toast, you definitely have options, namely slices of this loaf of Legit Bread, right out of your own oven. 

What is this like? Kind of wonderful, actually. You'll get to smell it as it comes out, get a look at that deep brown and almost shiny crust, and wonder if you accidentally just made a loaf of "regular" bread. You didn't. Whether warm smeared with butter, cooled and sliced for a ham sandwich, or toasted with whatever kind of preserves or toppings float your boat, this bread bridges the gap between lettuce wraps and normal life.

Here's how to go from lonely lunch meat to a fistful of lunch in barely an hour: start with a medium/large bowl and add a few liquid ingredients like oil, honey, cider vinegar, and eggs. You'll blend those all together first, then dump in the mix and stir like crazy. This dough is going to get thick fast, so you mix it up to remove lumps and then get it into your loaf pan and smooth it out. In the oven for about 30-40 minutes before it comes out to its final destination: your happy mouth. 

Why Legit Bread is so amazing

What is the foundation of this mix? It's all about the balance of flours, and the commitment to making paleo-life just a bit better without allergens. The goal with Legit Bread Company is to make delicious foods accessible to those who often have to sacrifice and live without. Legit uses many allergen friendly ingredients in order to assure that even in the face of allergies and food intolerances, delicious foods are still possible. The products are made in gluten-free and kosher facilities, are nut-free (therefore school safe), and certified paleo. 

Here are some of the crucial nutrients in Legit Bread:

    Cassava Flour

    Cassava is also called Yucca, and has a bevy of vitamins for your health. Cassava has a high content of Vitamin B3, which helps to lower cholesterol. Its rich source of absorbable manganese helps in the process of repairing joints. Vitamin C is very well-recognized as a "good thing" but also, still, a critical nutrient to keep tissue growth normal and protect against oxidation. Cassava, like many vegetables, have ample Vitamin C.

    Arrowroot Flour

    Long used as an addition to cookies and pastries for the lightness it impart, this flour has qualities that make this bread delectable. It also boasts zero gluten (of course) and respectable amounts of both calcium and manganese. This is the flour added to this mix that allows Legit to not use ANY nut flours. Awesome. 

    How to feel the magic of Legit Bread:

    Remember sandwiches? Sure ya do. Here's a start to refresh your memory: 

    1. Chicken salad sandwich.
    2. Tuna melt, ooey-gooeey.
    3. French toast with lots of butter, maple syrup optional
    4. How about just tomatoes? With mayo? Perfect.
    5. PB & J?
    6. Toast points for dipping into bone marrow. Mmmmm
    7. Big hunks torn off to sop up stew
    8. And..... TOAST. Just toast. With butter, of course. Grass-fed, you animal!

    About Legit Bread Company, in their own words

    Legit Bread was developed by Jennifer Robins, aka Predominantly Paleo, who after giving up gluten and then grain, realized how inauthentic paleo and allergen friendly bread options were. She locked herself in her kitchen, refusing to come out until the loaf was legit. Shared as a recipe on her blog, and in one of her cookbooks, she realized her work wasn't done until she could put her sought-after recipe straight into the hands of those who needed and adored it. Legit Bread Company, which is woman- and veteran-owned, slowly morphed from a dream to a real live creature. Now Legit Bread Mix and Legit Bread Sandwich Loaves (ready-to-eat) can be purchased, saving precious time for those seeking delicious homemade bread, without the extra minutes to make it. 

    Here are answers to some of your most important questions!

    Is Legit Bread allergen friendly?

    Our products are paleo, gluten free, grain free, vegan (no dairy or eggs), soy free, corn free, preservative free, and non-gmo. We produce our products in a dedicated gluten free facility, but the facility also produces products that contain milk, egg, soy, tree nuts, coconut, peanuts, and corn (although we do our best to prevent any cross-contamination).

    Any tips to ensure baking success? 

    YES! Legit Bread Mix turns out the best when you follow the basic guidelines to an awesome loaf:

    • use the recommended size bread pan. Larger bread pans will yield shorter loaves and we want you to have a sammich-worthy loaf.
    • use a high powered blender to combine ingredients. If not you'll need to whisk/stir by hand quickly or use an immersion blender.
    • bake your loaf alone in the oven to prevent additional moisture which can lead to increased bake time.
    • use large sized eggs (not extra large) or additional bake time will be needed.
    • use the recommended ingredients for the ideal loaf - you'll need eggs, honey, oil, and apple cider vinegar. Maple syrup is a great sub for honey and most oils/fats work well too (avocado oil, light olive oil, ghee, butter, coconut oil).