Mocha Casein & Lactose-Free Keto Butter Coffee Creamer Powder in 16 oz Resealable Bag by Know Brainer

Know Brainer

Mocha Casein & Lactose-Free Keto Butter Coffee Creamer Powder in 16 oz Resealable Bag by Know Brainer

Mocha Ketogenic Butter Coffee Creamer Powders with Collagen Protein! Powers your mind and metabolism with healthy fat and protein, not sugar. Casein and Lactose-free, Convenient and on-the-go fat burning fuel! Just add my powder creamer to your favorite coffee or tea and stir me up buttercup! ~

For the true, true stories behind this incredible foodstuff, read on.

Know Brainer Creamer


About Know Brainer, in their own words:

The story of Shari begins with a health difficulty, travels through the founding of the tasty company Two Moms in the Raw, and arrives with this nutritious creamer in your mug. Read her inspiring story here:

"Twelve years ago, I founded Two Moms in the Raw after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I relied on food to heal. As I learned about nutrition, I realized how desperately the body wants balance and wellbeing. During the past few years, I learned that I, as well as most other Americans, never received the fats their bodies require for healthy growth, energy, hormone balance, nerve and organ protection, brain and metabolic health. When my body burns fat rather than carbohydrates, also known as ketosis, balanced is restored.

And why didn’t we get the right fats? Fat has been vilified. We were told that saturated fats caused high cholesterol and disease, and to avoid it at all costs. This is certainly the case with saturated fats created from animals that eat grains (not from animals eating as nature intended). Animals raised humanely and healthily, who eat grass, in turn produce healthy saturated fats. These fats and the fats found in coconut oil are essential to our bodies, hearts, and minds.

After years of learning, gathering information, and using nutrition to heal, I have more energy than ever before and brain fog is a thing of the past. I’m now more than ready to bring another great, life changing ketogenic product to market. I am so excited to introduce Know Brainer, the thinker’s creamer, to the world."