Organic Facial Cleansing Oil by cocokind


Organic Facial Cleansing Oil by cocokind

Repeat after me: oil cleans better than soap. Your face loves healthy organic oils to heal and cleanse. Astringents wage war on your skin. Instead, use something your skin recognizes: rich fat. This aromatic blend from cocokind draws out dirt and bad oils the natural way. "Like attracts like": you'll see more benefits for your oily and clogged up skin with oil than you will with acid. Even just opening the bottle reveals a bright aroma of tea tree oil that will help to banish irritations and prevent new issues in the future. The coconut and avocado oils soften the potency of tea tree, while lavender soothes and calms. I love this nighttime ritual so much that I start getting "sleepy" pretty early so that I can go wash my face. Zzzzzz....  ~

For the true, true stories behind this incredible skin-stuff, read on.

Using this oil blend from cocokind to clean my face is such a relief and change from a normal skin care routine. Rather than scrubbing off the day with soap and toners and cleansers, we're letting "like fix like" by using organic oils. When you apply fat to a potentially oily surface, everything dissolves together with the magic of emulsification, letting you wipe it all off as one.

It takes a few days for some faces' skin to adjust, but many faces are happy right from the beginning. My face takes to this soothing cleanser pretty well, and the side effect is that the whole cleaning process is calming, a perfect way to wind down the day. That's thanks to the lavender oil, a calming cast to put on the evening. After I finish this routine it is time to curl up with a book and start to really go offline for the night.

First, apply a little with your fingertips, gently massaging a thin layer over your face. Then add a little warm water to your fingers and continue massaging for a minute or two. Allow the anti-microbials of tea tree oil and calming power of lavender to care for you both inside and out, bringing a smile to your face and relief to any skin irritations.

Here's the best part, the finale: take a hot wet cloth and hold it on your face, gently breathing as the cloth cools down and the oil warms up. Then use the cloth to wipe away the oil and the dirt it collected. Sigh. Smile. Unwind. 

Why cocokind's Organic Facial Cleansing Oil is so good for your skin

The WHY is coconut and tea tree oil working together. First and foremost, the organic oils provide deep moisture from healthy fats! THEN, the organic tea tree oil works on any skin irritations, reducing inflammation and preventing new issues. The organic avocado and coconut oils as the prime ingredients are actually absorbed into the deeper layers of your skin, healing and moisturizing at the same time. Even by the time you wipe off the surface of your skin of accumulated dirt, these nutrients are doing their deep work.

Here are some of the amazing ingredients in this Cleansing Oil

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil, like olive oil and hazelnut oil, contains oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat that may help to lower cholesterol. Avocado oil contains a balanced proportion of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These essential fatty acids, along with vitamin E, have powerful antioxidant properties which can protect your blood vessels. Alpha linolenic acid (ALA), the omega-3 fatty acid in avocados, has been found to suppress tumor growth in breast and colon cancers.

Tea Tree Oil

Otherwise known as Melaleuca (I'm on to you, essential oil company!), Tea Tree Oil is probably one of the most potent oils we can all keep in our medicine cabinet. It is a gentle astringent and anti-microbial. You can dilute it (as it is here with sunflower oil) and apply to all kinds of skin ailments for long-term healing and immediate relief. It works on blemishes, irritations, even wounds and things as difficult as psoriasis and fungal infections. Tea tree oil is truly the bomb when it comes to healthy and natural anti-microbial products.

How to use cocokind's Organic Cleansing Oil

This organic and nourishing cleanser will not damage your skin by waging war on your irritations. It will actually heal and prevent new issues from coming up. It's a soothing treatment, far from the alcohol days of toners and astringents. 

Massage a small amount of cleansing oil onto your dry face. Slowly add water to massage, then rinse or wipe off with warm water or a warm/hot cloth. That's it! 

About cocokind, in their own words

"We believe in delivering a skincare line that is not only effective and good for you, but also good for the world. As a socially conscious company, we are passionate about introducing nature’s most powerful superfoods into your skincare routine, while also ethically sourcing these ingredients. We believe our products should benefit your skin and the organic farmers who first plant the seeds.

Cocokind is an organic skincare line centered around superfoods. Our products use only the most pure ingredients, and are dedicated to providing long lasting moisture that is free from chemicals. In fact, each one of our ingredients stand alone as powerful nutrient sources for our skin. We do not add any preservatives or chemicals. With under five ingredients in any one of our products, what you see is what you get."

Here are answers to some of your most important questions!

Are cocokind's Facial Cleansing Oil vegan?

The Organic Facial Cleansing Oil is absolutely vegan and certified by Vegan Action through the Vegan Awareness Foundation. 

Are cocokind's ingredients certified Fair Trade?

"Yes! Our company is a licensed Fair Trade partner of Fair Trade USA (Ask us for our Fair Trade License ID!). All cocokind products containing organic virgin coconut oil are registered products bearing the “Fair Trade Certified Ingredient” logo. What does this mean? Straight from the Fair Trade USA nonprofit, Fair Trade certified products come from farmers and workers who are justly compensated. We help farmers in developing countries build sustainable businesses that positively influence their communities. Purchasing Fair Trade certified products means you are helping to support ethically, socially, and environmentally responsible businesses. For more information about what it means to be Fair Trade, please see!"