Organic Grass-Fed Whey Protein by Vital Proteins

Vital Proteins

Organic Grass-Fed Whey Protein by Vital Proteins

Admit it: you love your shaker bottle. It does so much for such a simple device: blending your post-workout nutrition into a smooth and tasty thirst-quencher and muscle-builder. Give the bottle the real-food protein it really wants: the gut-friendly power of Organic Grass-Fed Whey by Vital Proteins, with amino acids and healthy fats out the wazoo. Without any additional flavoring, this powder is the perfect base for your recovery recipe, with sustainably sourced whey: nothing you don't need.  ~

For the true, true stories behind this incredible foodstuff, read on.

Shaker bottle devotees: you now have a new friend on your post-workout recovery team. Full of the most sustainable and absorbable protein around—grass-fed whey—this powder from Vital Proteins puts the muscle back in your hustle. Forget about those protein powders with lots of weird ingredients and extra sweeteners - you don't need that stuff. What your body craves is rather simple: good protein from great sources (how about grass fed cows from Wisconsin!?). That's it. In this jar you'll find that basic ingredient and no more.

It all starts with sourcing the whey. Grass-fed whey is great for both absorption and sustainability. Vital Proteins's whey is smooth and chock-full of branched-chain amino acids and healthy fats like medium chain triglycerides, CLA, and lipoic acid.  

This is a protein powder you can enjoy just with your favorite lightly sweetened nut milk, if you choose. I like it shaken up with a hit of heavy cream and perhaps some sweetener if you so choose: the world's most recovery-friendly milk! Really, this stuff is about as tasty as whey protein powder gets and with this nutritional profile there's no reason to hesitate making this your #1. 

Why Vital Proteins Grass-Fed Whey Protein is so good for you

Here are just a few of the benefits to this protein powder:

  • Increase athletic performance, improve hydration
  • Helps amino acid absorption and protein synthesis
  • Amazing natural fats, like CLA, Medium Chain Triglycerides, and Lipoic Acid
  • Help digest proteins and enhance gut health
  • Support blood flow to the muscles while improving recovery

How do you take your Whey? Pretty much any way!

There are tons of ways to use your protein powder. Start with the blender bottle and get creative. Down the hatch! However, if you're a frequent consumer of protein powders, or if the flavor is getting a little boring just mixed in that bottle, some inspirational recipes come in.

Add it to any kind of smoothie on the planet. Kale smoothie, fruit smoothie, Liz Wolfe's liver smoothie (Google it, really) - go wild. 

How about a recipe from Vital Proteins themselves? Here's one for the snacking or breakfast season (which for most of us is 365 days out of the year): a fruit bowl! To see the full recipe with far more detailed instructions, click here.

Vitamin C Smoothie Bowl
1 orange
3.5 oz frozen unsweetened acai puree
2 c. frozen raspberries
1/2 c. almond milk (or other nut milk)
2 tsp. dried pomegranate or goji berry powder
1 scoop Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides (or Whey Collagen powder)
1 scoop Vital Proteins Organic Grass-Fed Whey

Directions: peel the orange, cube it, and add to a blender. Break up the acai puree, and then add to the blender with all of the remaining ingredients. Add more nut milk if too thick.

Top with anything you desire: dried fruit, nuts, coconut, more berries! 

About Vital Proteins, in their own words

Vital Proteins helps people feel better and live fuller lives through sustainably-sourced nutrition products, promoting health, fitness and natural beauty. We do that by providing nourishing collagen and promoting our production of collagen - an essential nutrient stripped from our diets by modern food-processing.

Our products are natural sources of essential proteins, sourced from pasture-raised cows in Wisconsin and Brazil and New Zealand and wild-caught fish in Hawaii. Why go so many extra miles for these sources? Because there’s nothing more important than one’s health, and we believe the body needs and deserves high-quality building blocks for life’s adventures.

Whether we can help add a mile to your run, a glow to your complexion or just enrich your naturally vibrant life, there’s a protein for everyone, and more than one reason to love Vital Proteins.

Even more about Vital Proteins and Protein: Frequently Asked Questions

Are the cattle pasture-rasied?

Answer: Yes, our cattle graze on the lush grasslands Wisconsin. Yes, really.

Where should I store my whey powder?

Answer: It is recommended to store in a cool, dark area away from moisture.